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A more friendly ending for Mr. House and The Kings.

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Q: "What does this mod do?"

A: In the ending slides, Mr. House won't kill The Kings if you've eased tensions between the NCR and The Kings in the quest "G.I Blues" and convinced The King to make peace with the NCR in "Kings' Gambit". Considering that the NCR is one of Mr. House's best customers, doesn't make much sense that he would outright kill the Kings for just not attacking anyone. Will also work if the Kings don't make peace with the NCR, but also don't attack them. ( Thanks to ryanmar for pointing that out.)

Q: "Does this mod have bugs?"
A: There used to be a second of delay after The King spoke. It happened because I changed one of the original voice files to silence, but thanks to Repzik suggestion, that's been taken care of.

Q: "How do I install this mod?"
A: I highly recommend dragging and dropping the contents into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder, instead of using a mod manager. The .esp file is used to alter the subtitles, so if you're not interested in that, you don't need it. 

Q: "What will The King say in the Ending Slides?"
A: As expected, this will play when you finish the game and the ending slides show up. He will say: "The Kings retained their control of Freeside, and while they continued to favor the needs of locals, they tolerated the citizens of the defeated NCR."