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Various standalone tweaks I've made for Nevada Skies, including fixed Interior Lighting and better Nights

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- Nevada Skies is a great mod that offers tons of customizability for how it looks. However, there are a few things that can't be achieved through the MCM.

1). SILO Integration - The dynamic interior lighting is a very divisive feature of NS that cannot be disabled. It basically makes interior lighting tied to the exterior time of day, meaning they are bright during the day and dark at night. The first tweak this mod provides is disabling that system and replacing it with the static improved interior lighting from Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul

2). Better Nights - I never was a fan of the nights in Nevada Skies. They are way too dark by default but then look way to flat if you raise the brightness. The second file of this mod changes the nights to be brighter and bluer, similar to my weather mod Altitude. It also changes the "default" stars option in the MCM to the vanilla stars, which much better compliment the tweaked nights. You can just delete the "textures" folder that comes with the file if you don't want it though

3). Custom INI - This file is just my personal INI settings for Nevada Skies. It aims to strike a good balance between vivid colors without being too bright and also covering up distant terrain with fog without it looking too unnatural. Visual settings like these do tend to vary heavily depending on monitor settings, so they may not look as good for you. I recommend at least trying to calibrate your monitor and enable full dynamic range to achieve the best possible look. (Note: This mod comes with any empty "textures" folder. This is just so Mod Organizer 2 recognizes it as having valid game data, since currently it doesn't recognize just "Config" folders)

Yossarian22 for originally creating Nevada Skies
klage1996 (aka Anro) for her amazing rework and modernization of Nevada Skies

You can use this however you like, but it can't be sold/earn dono points and you must credit the aforementioned people