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Ah yes the funny water that makes you go heckin faster on the finger action yes. This mod makes it even heckin better yes yes!

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Uhhhhhhhhh basically i love this chem but it has a very small duration and the added attack speed couldve been better.

THIS, makes it much better by increasing the effect duration from 30 seconds to 30 days and the attack speed percentage from 50% tom 100% ( I did try much higher values but it makes them weird to use and only the bolt action weapons seem to benefit from it due to the animation being so sped up they become single fire weapons). To add to the whole "buff" of said chem the recepie is intact yet it yields 1000 bottles from just one jet and purified water (to go along with this the chem has no weight smiley face emoji winking face emoji)

In a nutshell its super cheaty and a whole lotta fun. Just dont come complaining about it not being better because of some other factors (yes i have tested this with the JIP Selective-Fire and the Rest Ye Finger option turned on, it does suffer slightly for some weapons but if you can always mash the fire button to ignore that weird firing "hesitation".