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A quick and dirty conversion/recreation of "Easy Underworld Entrance" for Fallout 3 by WhiteWizard11.

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A quick and dirty conversion of "Easy Underworld Entrance" for Fallout 3 by WhiteWizard11. By quick and dirty I mean I literally just ran the xEdit conversion script on it, loaded to quickly test it and it seems to be working. I have done no extensive testing whatsoever on this mod, for all I know it causes Mr House to travel to DC and invade with an army of Radroaches when you reach Megaton. This mod will not really be supported in any real way when TTW updates.

This adds two intercoms, one outside the Museum of History and one inside Underworld, to allow you to skip the foyer when getting to Underworld.

Alternatively you can use the manhole version which replicates the original Fallout 3 mod.