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This mod adds several NPCs in major areas like Freeside, McCarran, The Fort, dead bodies and creatures in places they'd fit and restores some unused animations found in the game's files.

Permissions and credits

As much as The Living DesertMojave Wildlife and Uncut Wasteland are great to add life around the Mojave, I felt some areas still needed something more. Rather than bothering further TLD's author with my suggestions I decided to make this mod. 

List of locations where I added NPCs:

Camp McCarran
First area: added an NCR cook near the mess tent.
Terminal building: added five fluff troopers.
Concourse: added four fluff troopers. 
Courtyard: added five recruits training under the supervision of an NCR instructor (exercises animations from Operation Anchorage found in the NV .bsa were reimplemented). 

The Fort
Added four crucified slaves. Crucifixion markers were already placed in vanilla, but left unused.
Added prime legionaries training with the mannequins near the weather station, a centurion and a few sandboxing Veterans. Added another Centurion near the mess tent, another blacksmith close to Caesar's tent, a Decanus overlooking Hoover Dam and two recruit legionaries. Also added another slave inside the pen and a Legion mongrel.

Atomic Wrangler: added several gamblers and a hooker. 
Added several squatters and locals around, two drunks and two Kings.

Dead Wind Cavern
Added three dead NPCs inside, dead brahmins, two dead ants, human remains, brahmin skulls and bones. You know, to make it look like it's the home of dangerous predators.

Hoover Dam
Exterior: added three soldiers walking around the visitor center, two rangers on the towers, another ranger on the visitors center roof. Also added 2 troopers in the lower area accessible from the power plants 02/04.
Power Plants 02/03/04: added engineers and NCR troopers. Several markers have been placed around so they look busy.
Lower level: added an engineer.
Offices: added an NCR cook.

The rest
Added dead hunters in the following locations: in front of Bootjack cave, inside Nopah Cave, at Quarry Junction (and a dead ant, too).
Added two unlucky victims inside House Tools.
Added another chem addict at El Rey Motel.
Added a drifter with his dog not distant from where you find YCS 186/the Alien Blaster. Place has a map marker.
Added two dead legionaries floating near Boulder Beach Campground.
Added an NCR cook inside the House resort in Camp Golf.
Added five radroaches around the Toxic Dump. WOW!!
Added three dead mercenaries inside Vault 22.
Added two Great Khans fighting in Red Rock Canyon.
Added two dead Powder gangers and a dead brahmin in the deathclaw nest located south of Whittaker Farmstead.
Added a Fiend roasting NCR bodies and another bashing a dead traveler near Nephi's base.
Added a dead Fiend close to the entrance of the Ant Mound.
Added two hostile non-feral ghouls north of House Tools. Another hostile ghoul is located nearby.
Added two (hostile) named Super mutants to the Devil's Throat.
Added a radscorpion queen to the Searchlight Airport.
Added two mercenaries to the Grub n' Gulp.
Added two NCR troopers at RS Delta.
Added a Vexillarius in Cottonwood Cove and another at the Legion Raid Camp.
Added a hostile named character south east of East pump station. 
Added a hostile scanger at Durable Dunn's sacked caravan.
Added a dead prospector to Jack Rabbit Springs and another one inside the Basincreek Building.
Added two dead NCR troopers in Black Mountain to reflect what the cut note says.
Restored two unused Dead Money graffiti and placed them in two different locations of the Villa. Blatant feature creep, I know.
Aside from NPCs, this mod also add some furniture markers to allow NPCs to do things and not just wander around. 


This will likely be incompatible with Freeside Open. Since I've stopped using it years ago, I won't make a patch for it. Permissions are open in case someone wants to make it, however.
A patch for FPGE is available.


Use a mod manager or manually extract the .rar content into the data folder.
Note that installing this during Arizona Killer will cause the newly added NPCs in Hoover Dam to spawn along the rangers patrolling around. The same might happen during You'll Know When It Happens, so avoid install this if you're currently doing one of these quests. Installing right before talking to Cato Hostilius is perfectly fine, however.
Another small issue is that installing this while currently at the Fort or McCarran will cause the new NPCs to appear with their weapons in their hands. Leaving the area will fix this, but to avoid it entirely either install this on a new game or in a location/cell not touched by this mod.


Dead Money and Lonesome Road.

Recommended mods

I recommend using this mod with Uncut Wasteland (+ Extra Collection), which restores several cut NPCs to Freeside, McCarran and the Fort.
Mojave WildlifeThe Living Desert and Casino Crowds are also excellent to populate the wasteland and the casinos. FPGE is great, too.


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