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Spins the alien encounter with two new representatives of the Xtro race: Xtro soldier and Xtro captain. Replaces the default alien nifs, so if you have any alien invasion/spawn mods, you'll have them running around.

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As mentioned already, this will replace alien troops plus give the alien captain a unique look rather than just a different colored t-shirt. And if you have any aliens related mods that use vanilla nifs, this will replace them too with two new soldier/scientist variants and the captain one, depending on which nifs they are using. I didn't replace workers and space suit boyz on purpose, since the Xtro guys supposed to be the higher race caste of aliens in my head, while ordinary zetans occupy less 'noble' levels. Then there's also the mid level 'albies' in the new update (And their purple version in the archive. If you'd rather use that one, jus rename dlc05alien22.nif to dlc05alien2.nif, and add 2 to the original dlc05alien2.nif next to it). Or you could just consider them a seperate race entirely (Maybe they are the 'nameless' ones who were attacking Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3), your choice.

If you don't care about alien captain having his own face and cloths, you don't need to activat esp after install (He'll look like an ordinary Xtro soldier).

The same archive contains all you need to use it as a modder's resource in your mods.
You have all permissions and whatsoever to do with this as you please as long as the credits are given, and the spice keeps flowing.

Special thanks to, as always,  DcCharge whose upscaled vanilla textures I always use for my retextures; and also c.i.b, who provided a seperate vanilla alien head which I needed for one of my mods. Playing around with it in various editors I ended up going further than just using a cut off vanilla head and made this thing.