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Adds a realistic(ish) recipe for blood sausages. (Requires the Old World Blues DLC)

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This is a pretty simple mod that adds two different recipes for blood sausages that can be cooked at a campfire.

Recipe 1:
Blood Pack (2)
Flour (1)
Blood Sausage (3)

Recipe 2:
Thin Red Paste (2)
Flour (1)
Blood Sausage (4)

I was always a bit irked by the fact that you can find perfect blood sausages on random freshly killed creatures. I figured that blood sausages ought to be crafted, so I made these recipes based on how actual blood sausage is made; blood cooked with a filler till it is able to congeal. If I get more experience in the GECK, I might make a companion mod that removes blood sausages from spawning naturally altogether while making thin red paste more common.