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This mod makes Manny Vargas' room, and everything inside, owned by him and no longer public property. Also makes his terminal locked behind a Average level lock.

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It's very odd how going into Manny Vargas' room and peeking onto his terminal (For the quest "They Went That-a-Way") doesn't give you bad karma for doing so.
It feels a little anticlimactic to me, so I changed it. Entering Manny's room will now count as trespassing, taking anything will count as stealing, and going onto his terminal will give bad karma.

Oh yeah, his terminal is locked behind an Average lock, too.

Also forwarded the changes from YUP.

With Manager:
Click the download with manager button and install as normal.

Add to the data folder inside the New Vegas install directory.

This can go anywhere in the load order.

Criticism is always welcome, and even encouraged! I hope you enjoy it!