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Simple ENB designed to imitate the Fallout 4 visual style in New Vegas.

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This ENB is designed to imitate the Fallout 4 visual style in New Vegas. Best used with NV Reloaded!
This combination offers:
Amazing sunrises and sunsets! Darker nights coupled with the bright lights of Vegas! Better looking shadows and water!
And overall improved visuals!

Some people might dislike the default saturation and vibrancy values of this ENB so you might want to toy with those yourself.

REQUIREMENTS: New Vegas Reloaded for which you will need NVSE and the latest ENB libraries.
Make sure your NVSE and NV Reloaded are installed and working correctly!
Next extract D3D9.dll from the ENB libraries
and make sure your game is able to load ENBs.
After that you just put the enbseries folder and 2 files into the game directory, the same goes for the Data folder.
Lastly make sure the game loads the ENB fixes plugin from the mod (via a mod manager or the game launcher)

 I've had a lot of fun these past few weeks finalizing these ENB's and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports me and helps me out. It really makes a big difference. Thanks to all the people who helped me make this or have helped me learn how to make ENB's: Leon,Funtime, Conor,xGeorge, and everyone in that god-forsaken server
The tools I used to make the ENB are Kirta, notepad plus plus as a text editor, and Geck, the hellscape of a game editor.

And finally a huge thanks to ded string aka big boss for all the videos and showcases!
Mod description by ThriJ.