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At 4:38 PM on November 23, 1964, an incident occurred at the Crossroads Motel in Henderson, Nevada, which sundered Room 105 from reality. Preserved within a subliminal void like a fly trapped in amber, the Room now exists outside of time, in a space between spaces - unseen and inaccessible except to whoever holds the Key...

Permissions and credits
Here's a bit of a weird one for you guys. Lately, I've developed an interest in liminal spaces - places that exist in the transitionary threshold between destinations, or between waking and dreaming. These are places that your eyes just kind of gloss over and your mind edits out,  that you pass through without even noticing or forget as soon as you wake up. When made consciously aware of them, liminal spaces tend to feel lonely, disorienting, and vaguely unsettling - like you're trespassing somewhere that you're not supposed to be. A deserted airport terminal, a roadside gas station at three in the morning, a shopping mall after hours, or perhaps a vacant motel room...

This mod, at its most basic, is a "portable" player home. With the Key equipped, you can enter the Room from any hinged door that has a pin tumbler lock and which blocks the other side from view (i.e. sliding doors, double doors, broken doors, or doors with crash bars won't work). Inside, you'll find a modest motel room with a bed, a fridge, a bathroom, and some storage space. Upon leaving, you will find yourself back outside the same door you entered through.

I drew a lot of inspiration from pop culture such as The Twilight Zone, the works of Neil Gaiman (Particularly The Sandman and Neverwhere), the Submachine series of Flash games by Mateusz Skutnik, and most of all from the criminally overlooked and highly underrated 2006 SciFi channel miniseries The Lost Room.

Proper noun Objects are the various personal effects belonging to the Room's occupant at the time of the Fracture, that as a result of being violently sheared from reality, were imbued with special paranatural abilities that manifest whenever they're taken outside of the Room.

  • The Camera - When triggered, causes an area of effect that freezes nearby targets in time (paralysis) but blinds you temporarily with the flash
  • The Clock (Will become The Pocketwatch in v1.3) - When wound, slows down time (same effect as Turbo) but moving consumes AP, and if you run out, you will be frozen in place for the duration of the effect. Takes 60 seconds to re-wind
  • The Coin - When flipped, has a 50/50 chance of either instantly unlocking a (non-quest) container, or rendering it impossible to pick
  • The Eyeglasses - When worn, grants improved awareness (the same as ED-E's Enhanced Sensors perk), but randomly causes headaches and blurred vision (concussion screen effect every few minutes) and increases Sleep Deprivation if in Hardcore mode
  • The Hat - When worn, projects a friendly aura (prevents all hostiles from attacking) but only if your weapons stay holstered
  • The Key - When equipped, allows the holder to enter the Room through any hinged door with a pin tumbler lock
  • The Lighter - When equipped, grants a stealth field (a literal smokescreen), but reduces fire resistance
  • The Overcoat - When worn, grants increased elemental resistance (fire, poison, and radiation) but lowers damage resistance
  • The Pen - When held in the fist, a punch will throw the target backwards with great force (a value derived from your available AP and the condition of your right arm), but consumes a lot of AP and damages your arm

I'm deliberately trying to avoid making any of the Objects into outright weapons that will kill things. Instead, I want all the Objects to offer the player an edge only if used tactically. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements, please leave them in the comments.

You can only obtain the Key through your dreams after first discovering the motel's location - that is, after you have found the motel, then every subsequent time you go to sleep, there is a random chance the Key will be added to your inventory when you wake up (based on your Luck stat). Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console command (Substitute ## with the Mod Index of the plugin in your load order):

player.AddItem ##F00001 1 ;Gives the Key

Detailed Instructions:


  • aaaGLOBEnableHardcore - If set to 1 while playing in Hardcore mode, the Key will only work if you are suffering from Advanced Sleep Deprivation or worse (400+) This is designed to simulate your fragile psychic state facilitating your transition between the cracks of reality. Set to 0 by default.

I think it might be interesting to have the painting in the room act as a portal between other such spaces.

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.

Wait, why is the bed rumpled? And whose suitcase is that? Does it belong to the same person whose cigarette is still smoldering in the ashtray? Where have they gone? And are they coming back?