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This mod replaces Vanilla Combat armor, combat armor reinforced MK1 and MK, adds BOS variant with more classic look from Fallout1-2. Integrated into the New Vegas World. Modular and flexible installation options.

Permissions and credits

(This is a final version of mi previous mod.)
It is my attempt to make a classic fallout 1-2 replacer for combat armor and integrate it into the game properly (since none did it from fallout 3 release). Modular and flexible installation options possible with a mod manger. 
Disclaimer: Consider this version final (due to lack of time), except some hot fixes. This is my firs attempt in modding, and this armor is a complex thing, so some design solutions might be not for everyone, but I hope I made it not too itchy for an eye. 


  • The team of Molten Clouds [The Chosen's Way] project (discord server) for a lot of advise with programs and inspiration. 
  • Duskill for help with the scripts. 

This mod is based of several others without which it would be much harder to make. Many thanks to:
  • original combat armor mod by YanL
  • first combat armor mod by xzax - backpack and helmet base model
  • AloBautist - Helmet form-factor changes.
  • CaBaL120 and his book of steel 20-30% of base textures taken for this mod, also for his advise about texturing!
  • sandtwister200 and the nexus community for advise and feedback.

Content and installation


1) 1st module replaces Vanilla Combat armor (Mk0 from F3) and adds a Reilly's Rangers variant to the new footlocker Inside the Hard locked room in a ruined building, to the northeast of mole rat ranch.

2) 2nd module replaces Combat armor Reinforced Mk1, Mk2 and adds BOS variant (located in the looker in the BOS safehouse and on the dead NPC at one of the cazador nests on the passage from red canyon to Jacobstown. 


If you have installed my previous mod, please, delete it and remove all files. Make a clean save far from the brotherhood, Vangraffs and Gunrunners. 
If it is first time you install it, I still advise to make a clean save far from the brotherhood, Vangraffs and Gun runners.

1st module. Vanilla F3 combat armor replacer Installation options:
  1. Non Scripted version. Adds the black helmet to Van Graff Thugs. Non scripted version, edits The template inventory of Van Graff Thugs, resulting all of them having helmets (except Gloria and Jean-Baptiste Cutting) including dead thugs at the Durable Dunn's sacked caravan. Should work well, unless you have a mod that edits those NPCs.
  2. Scripted version. If non scripted version did not work in your case, you can try this one. Adds helmet with a script to Van Graff Thus inside of the Shop and to Simon only 1 time Other Thugs will not have Helmet. Also if you "resurrect" anyone it will no longer be there. 

2nd module: Reinforced Combat Armor replacer and Brotherhood armor Installation options:
  1. Backpack attached permanently to the armor, Gives no bonuses. Also adds brotherhood armor and gives it to several BOS members with a script (scouts will get unplayable variant) 
  2. Same as 1, except:
  3. Adds backpack as a separate Item. You have to buy it from vendors or find in several locations with combat armor: BOS and Followers safehouse, etc. You can only use backpack with the armor. Adds script to the Combat armor mk1,mk2, BOS forcing you to unequip this backpack in case you unequip the armor... You might need to wait few days before it will appears in vendors list. Here is the script, in case you want to check: 


    Also adds a script to the armor, which doesn't allow you to use the backpack without armor!
    - Backpack gives +20 to the max carry weight, and has weight 3.
    - Backpack base price is 2000.
  4. Light version: same as 1, but does not add BOS armor to anyone (you can still find it inside of the  BOS safehouse)

My work is free to use in every possible way, but you should consider contacting mentioned above authors.
I will upload source texture files in pain.net format with layers, in case someone wants to change it.