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Assets from ADAM team and castisass mod itself by Awuss

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This mods add a standalone edited ADAM reborn combat ranger armor with custom stats and effects and with additional decorations for the helmet and armor

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This mod adds a standalone ADAM Reborn combat ranger armor with the elite riot gear effect and a custom effect for the helmet

the armor maybe is not  lore-friendly however i will tag it,let me know what you think about this

update 1.1:added female model


UPDATE 1.2¡¡¡¡¡:

in this update i edited the armor model with more ADAM assets to give a more unique feel,althrough an updated female model and the gore meshes will be updated in the future

The armor can be found at goodsprings school house at a shelf on the back and the addons ids are:

helmet decoration: xx000add
neck cover: xx000ade
Heavy shoulder pads(elite one): xx000bfa
light shoulder pads(adv one): xx000bfb
knee pads: xx000bfc

I recommend using JIP plugin to search for the armor,in the console type "search mojave" and "search drcomponent" without the quotes and add the items to you inventory

It is known that  the assault rifle animation may cause cliping with the shoulder pads from the addon,use weapons animation replacer to solve this problem

The armor and addons are separete by diffenrent plugins so you can only have the parts that you want

the gloves used in the pictures are AKIRAMORI tactical gloves:https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/67981

special thanks to MonoAccipiter

If you like this please endorse,hope you have a great day :)