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Travel the Mojave with a trusty, compact campsite to act as a portable player home.

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Travel the Mojave with a trusty, portable tent to act as a mobile and minimalistic player home. This is meant mainly for survival playthroughs but works great for a minimalistic and portable player home. If anyone has recommendations for upgrades to add to the Canvas tent, throw them my way!


Canvas Tent:
-Water Purifier (Upgrade)
-Furnishings (Upgrade)
-Crafting Stations (Upgrade)
-Storage, shelter, and bedding all in your pocket.

-Light Source

-Light Source
-Sleeping (Home On The Range Perk Required)

How Does It Work?
It's very simple - just look for the purchased object under your [Aid] Menu in the pipboy and click on it - the object should be at the top of your menu with a (Camping) prefix. Once the object is clicked on, exit your pipboy and the object will be built in front of you. Flat terrain is the most suitable space to build your campsite. Hills and uneven terrain will result in clipping and/or floating. It won't break the mod, but it likely won't look very good. 

Where Do I Find It?
A newly added character named "Crockett" will sell you everything you need at Goodsprings Source.

-Lonesome Road
-Honest Hearts

-LordInquisitor - Various Meshes
-JazzIsParis - For JIP NVSE

Just shoot me a message if you're interested in using something from my mod. I'll likely say yes, but I'd at least like to know first.