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Travel the Mojave with a trusty, compact campsite to act as a portable player home.

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This is the first mod in the Desert Nomad series which aims to create a more survivalist play style in the unforgiving desert. Travel the Mojave with a trusty, portable tent to act as a mobile and minimalistic player home. Invest your caps into various upgrades to make life in the Desert easier. 

-Water Purifier (Upgrade)
-Furnishings and storage (1.3 tweaked Upgrade)
-Crafting Stations (Upgrade)
-Hot plate (1.3, replaces campfire)
-Storage, shelter, and bedding
-Radio (1.3 Upgrade)
-Repair Station (1.3 Upgrade)
-Medical Station (1.3 Upgrade)
-Healing Garden (1.3 Upgrade)

-Light Source

-Light Source
-Sleeping (Home On The Range Perk Required)

Many of the new features are upgrades that are entirely dependent on your skill level. The following is a brief guide covering the logic behind these upgrades:

Hot Plate: Explained in-game but for clarification, the Hot Plate runs out of battery every 24 hours. You must either use a Fission battery or jury-rig the Hot Plate to accept 30 Energy Cells. Either way, the Hot Plate will lose power 24 hours after powering it up.

Repair Station: The Materials needed are already explained in the repair station UI, however, it doesn't explain the equation that determines how much an item is repaired. The calculation is as follows:
((Item base health * Repair Skill) / 100) / 3. Example: Base item health is 100 * 40 repair = 4000 / 100 = 40 / 3 = 13. 13 health points are added to your item's health versus if you have 100 in repair, in which you would get 33 points (almost a third of the item's health) repaired.
Since the ingredients necessary to repair items are so easy to come by, naturally I am preventing the player from easily being able to repair everything to max health in one fell swoop. Think of it as a cheaper and also less effective solution versus repair kits and vendors. 

Medical Station: A cheaper and more skill-intensive alternative to a doctor or crafting meds yourself. You use very minimal material, but you also rely on survival skills to use said material. The UI explicitly states the skill level needed for each procedure. 

Chemistry Station: A mobile Chemistry station scraped together with bottles and cans the player found while unpacking camp. There are three levels of production; low, medium, and high. The thresholds are the same for each type of chemical you choose, so regardless of whether you're making healing meds, radiation drugs, or chems you will still need to meet the same thresholds to produce the low, medium, and high yields. The thresholds are as follows:
Low: Science < 26 (Yields basics and poorer alternatives to common wasteland items)
Medium: Science 25 > 65 (mid-tier items and medium yield of them)
High: Science > 65 (high yield and high value products)

How Does It Work?
It's very simple - just look for the purchased object under your [Aid] Menu in the pipboy and click on it - the object should be at the top of your menu with a (Camping) prefix. Once the object is clicked on, exit your pipboy and the object will be built in front of you. Flat terrain is the most suitable space to build your campsite. Hills and uneven terrain will result in clipping and/or floating. It won't break the mod, but it likely won't look very good. 

Where Do I Find It?
A newly added character named "Crockett" will sell you everything you need at Goodsprings Source.

-Lonesome Road
-Honest Hearts

-LordInquisitor - Various Meshes
-JazzIsParis - For JIP NVSE

Just shoot me a message if you're interested in using something from my mod. I'll likely say yes, but I'd at least like to know first.