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Replacer of the vanilla Service Rifle with Millenia's M16A2.

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Since Millenia is apparently allowing his mods to be used as resources now, I decided to upload this replacer I made a while ago for my own use (but never uploaded due to not having permission) using the assets from the M16A2 mod he released in 2014. The GRA Service Rifle is not touched, however.

In addition, I also made a version for CaliberX that replaces the vanilla shell casings (technically the 7,62x51 shell casing is used here, but the size of this casing resembles 5,56x45 more imo, so that is why I am doing that). This, obviously, requires CaliberX.

Since the model that replaces the Service Rifle is that of an M16A2, and therefore visually also depicts a 30 round magazine, I also increased the in-game magazine size to 30 (the weapon still remains in semi-auto though).

The vanilla Service Rifle upgrades should work too, they just have an identical appearance to the standard M16A2 mesh, since Millenia's upgrades were different (his M16A2 mod had a suppressor as an upgrade, not a forged receiver). However, this isn't much of a big deal since the vanilla weapon mods are shit and no one uses them (or at least I do not), and the two mods for the vanilla Service Rifle (forged receiver and upgraded springs or some shit) would not really change the appearance much anyways.

As for installation, if you are doing it manually, I hope you know by now to dump the whole thing in your data folder. I suggest, however, using MO2.

Credits: Millenia for all of the assets
      Myself I guess for creating the .esp