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Adds a hotkey for switching your 3rd person camera. Also includes tweaks to gamesettings to improve 3rd person aiming, making sure your bullets actually go where your cursor is, and increases the 3rd Person camera FOV to 60. All changes can be tweaked via ini. Requires JIP.

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Simple quick mod I made to make playing in 3rd person not such a chore. I like playing single player games in 3rd person but lets be honest, the 3rd person camera in FNV isn't great, so I made some tweaks. This was made for my own personal preference, and while I did put in the time to make all the options configurable via ini, I probably won't be adding any more features to this mod as it stands currently, except maybe a new dynamic crosshair, if I can figure it out. I tried to emulate the switching effect as seen in TLOU, those guys at ND know how to make a good 3rd person camera, so why not attempt to hit the same notes? Here's a gif of the switching effect in action:

This mod adds a camera swapping button, 'C' by default. This swaps the camera from over your right shoulder to over your left, and visa versa. The button to swap shoulders can be changed via in the ini file included in the mod files. Scancodes can be found here. The camera offset position is kept vanilla, and is simply mirrored to the other side of the Player Character, with a bit of fancy camera movement in between. I will not be adding custom camera positions to this mod, smooth camera movement is a pain in the ass for set positions, never mind trying to derive a formula for any and all possible camera positions. 

This mod also tweaks some gamesettings, namely fAutoAimMaxDegrees3rdPerson, fAutoAimMaxDistance and fOverShoulderFOV. In vanilla these values are 10, 1500 [25 meters], and 55 respectively. This mod bumps them up to 40, 14000 [200 meters], and 60. This is probably more subjective to the individual playing, but with these settings I found playing in 3rd person to be a lot less of a pain in the ass, while still being balanced. This combo of settings allow your bullets actually hit where your cursor is pointing, even if it does skew bullets a bit sometimes to get them there. If these setting tweaks aren't to your liking you can modify them yourself or turn them off entirely via the ini file.

For reference, neither of these two settings change the strength of Auto Aim in terms of how near your reticle is to your target, you still have to be precise to hit enemies, and it won't slow your cursor down as you hover over them like with console Autoaim, it's just that these settings will allow the game to compensate for the parallax misalignment of the angles of the camera and your gun in 3rd person more than the vanilla settings. This way bullets will actually fly towards the point at which your reticle is pointing, instead of the direction your player character's gun is pointing, which are actually usually two extremely different points when you're in 3rd person. 

This mod requires the JIP LN NVSE plugin, and xNVSE to work. Make sure you have the latest versions of JIP and xNVSE before reporting any issues you may be having with the mod. This mod is probably very incompatible with Dynamic Third Person Camera.