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Adds weapons from Qolore7's Weapons of Our Millenia weapon pack (based off of Millenia's Weapons of the New Millenia mod) to raider leveled lists from Mojave Raiders by PushTheWinButton. Includes version with JSUE compatibility.

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I'm happy to be releasing my first ever mod to the great wide Interwebs! Technically my first ever mod was a Morrowind mod that changed Creeper's greeting dialogue to "Aw, man.", but that was years ago and I'd rather put that behind me.

Anyway, this is a simple patch to add the weapons from Weapons of Our Millenia by Qolore7, based off of the excellent Weapons of the New Millenia mod by Millenia, to the raider leveled lists from the equally wonderful Mojave Raiders mod by PTWB. I have also included another file that incorporates JSUE changes as well. Other mods may be included as per request.

I also incorporated the Mojave Raiders Addendum file from the old Viva New Vegas mod guide, which for leveled lists, only includes the removal of Incinerators from common raider leveled lists. The original addendum is not required, as it was only a single leveled list edit.

As a side note, the MR + JSUE file does not fix all incompatibilities between the two mods, only leveled list conflicts. You should consider grabbing the official MR + JSUE patch from the JSUE patch page and possibly merging them, or loading it before this one.

This mod was generated automatically via FNVEdit, so there may be issues with it. Feel free to leave bug reports!