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Adds some extra meshes for LOD generation for structures which previously didn't have them and improves some vanilla ones. Less Horrendous Nellis tower, Urban overpass walkways, rock crushing plants, cranes, barns, 3D retaining walls and some ruined buildings. WIP.

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A simple mod which adds some extra meshes for LOD generation.

I originally just planned to release just the new Less Horrendous Nellis Control Tower mod but I decided to include some extra LOD meshes from the base models I had made for my game for more distant LODs.

At the time of writing this, the new and improved meshes are:

Nellis ATC Tower
Urban overpasses (commonly seen near the GrubNGulp and Repconn HQ)
Generic red brick ruined building (example is the base used by the raiders between Nipton and the Mojave Outpost)
Large orange cranes with proper transparency
Rock crushing plants (seen near Outer Vegas and Sloan)
Water reservoir tanks (Clark Field)
Improved Generic Stonewalls (Common near Primm and Mccarran)
Retaining Walls and Blocks
Searchlight Firehouse
Dead Hardwood Tree

This will help fill out the wasteland LOD further.

I plan to make and improve some more meshes in the future so keep it tracked.

Just meshes, no esp.

For now, enjoy!


Just install the mod and run FNVLODGEN.

The overpass mesh file sizes are still a little on the large side. Need to reduce them further.