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The Toolgun packs 18 functions in one gun for mod testing and just plain old goofin' around.

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Have you ever wanted a convenient tool to both test your mods and/or just have a bit of fun at the expense of some unfortunate NPCs?
Then the BV Toolgun is the gun for you!
Update Instructions and Changelog at the bottom of the page!

The Toolgun packs 18 functions in one for mod testing (but mostly for having fun). I originally made it to consolidate some particular things I needed every now and then when testing my mod Broken Valley. While making it I had some... other ideas that turned this thing into just a tool for messing around.

You switch functions by swapping ammo types (press 2 by default, or check the ammo tab in your Pipboy to directly select a function) and the selected function is shown both on the Toolgun's mounted screen and the bottom right of your HUD as a three-letter abbreviation.

Here's the list of functions the Toolgun has:

1. DEL
Deletes anything with a collison mesh. Once deleted, an object is gone forever unless you load a save!
It is marked for deletion permanently, so even if you have the Ref ID you cannot bring it back! Use with care!

2. TEL
Teleports you and anyone following you to whatever location you shoot. Careful, the game might hang if you teleport too far too quickly. You might also get stuck if you teleport into odd geometry. Fire at the ground to be safe!

3. DYN
Spawns a brick of dynamite at the targeted location. The dynamite arms after 3 seconds, after which it'll explode if shot or hit by another explosion. Use them as lethal dominoes, or place deadly traps!

4. MET
Very dangerous! Spawns a brick of dynamite that arms after 5 seconds, after which it will take off like a damn Sputnik blowing everything in its way to hell. Use indoors for maximum carnage!

5. DYF
Launches a brick of dynamite from the Toolgun, which explodes on impact.
Use it to set off a dynamite trap you made with DYN, or simply carpet bomb the countryside!

6. HTG

Spawns a Helper Test Guard at the targeted location. He will follow you and fight for you. Will disappear once combat ends or he is killed. Spawn your own private army! Warning: the game's engine does not like handling many NPCs at once! Framerate may chug at higher numbers of Helper Test Guards.

7. ETG
Spawns an Enemy Test Guard at the targeted location. He's a crazed maniac who will shoot at anyone and everyone nearby, including other ETGs. Will disappear once he is killed. Sow chaos in the enemy ranks! The HTG warning applies to ETGs as well. Spawning many may cause framerate issues!

8. RNK
When shooting a living NPC or creature, instantly kills it. When shooting a dead NPC or creature, resurrects it. Does NOT work on Essential characters. Control the Forces of Life and Death!

9. PAZ
Pacifies NPCs and Creatures, turning them friendly. If they don't turn friendly immediately, shoot them a few more times. Does not always work! Some characters are permanently hostile for other reasons, and PAZ will not work on them. Give peace a chance!

10. SPL
Instantly kills and dismembers the head, arms and legs of an NPC or Creature. Does NOT work on Essential characters! Use this to test if dismemberment on your new armor works right, or simply use it to indulge in your darker tendencies.

11. SPX
Does what SPL does, but in an area-of-effect! A violent detonation takes place where you shoot, splattering any NPC caught in the blast. You are immune to the effect, and Essential characters will simply be knocked unconscious.

12. DUN
NPCs shot with DUN are forced to equip a Dunce Cap.
Want to get back at an NPC that annoyed you? DUN is the function for you!

13. BWL
Launches a full bowling set (1 bowling ball and 10 pins) out of the Toolgun. Bowling ball and pins will disappear after 10 seconds. Warning: too many physics objects can cause framerate issues! Enjoy your bowling experience in moderation!

14. PEX
Spawns an enormous explosion, pacifying any enemies caught in the blast. If some NPCs stay hostile, give it a few more blasts! Like PAZ, does not work on some permanently hostile enemies. Pax Per Explosium!

Extra: AMO
Not a full function in its own right, AMO checks your inventory for missing ammo types and adds any that are
missing. Simply fire to use, like all other functions. Useful for getting replacements of any ammo you might have misplaced, or for getting new types when there's a new update for the Toolgun!

NEW IN 1.2:

15. GUN
Fires a shotgun blast from the Toolgun. Need to deal with a problem but Splatter is just too high-society for your target? Give them
a blast of GUN!

16. KEY
Scans your current cell for keys, and if it finds any, adds them to your inventory. The Toolgun's screen will indicate if it found any keys or not. Does not look in containers for keys for performance reasons.
Doing a quest and can't find that pesky key to save your life? KEY has your back!

17. LOC
Locks and unlocks targets. When shooting a locked target, unlocks it. When shooting an unlocked, but lockable target, displays a menu how hard to pick the new lock will be and subsequently locks it. Lockable/unlockable items include containers, doors and terminals.

18. CPY
Right click copies what you're looking at, and left click spawns whatever that is at your crosshair. Not satisfied after slaughtering a meager 5 fiends? Copy their bodies and spawn however many your heart desires! Almost out of ammo? Drop some at your feet and copy away! (Weapons and Armor copied have ridiculous value. Abuse at your own discretion.)

That's all the Toolgun's functions so far. I'll probably add more if I think of any.

How to get the Toolgun:
Just load into any save and you'll automatically receive the Toolgun and its ammo. Ammo regenerates so you'll never run out. As long as you have at least one unit of ammo, you can use that function.

Have fun!

Update Instructions:
When updating from 1.0 to 1.1, simply overwrite the old version with the new one. Then disable BVToolgun.esp, load into the game, save, exit the game and enable BVToolgun.esp, then load back into the game. Your old Toolgun will be gone, and you will be automatically given a new one with all new ammo types.
Also, the JIP LN NVSE Plugin is now required from 1.1 onwards!

For future updates, after updating you can instead use AMO to gain any new ammo types added in the update.

V 1.2b
Minor bugfixes and added compatibility with the upcoming Physgun.

V 1.2

Added 4 more functions: GUN, KEY, LOC and CPY.
Toolgun's main script has seen some optimization.

V 1.1

Added an activity light to the top of the Toolgun, it will light up green or yellow if the Toolgun's effect was applied successfully. Green for 'effect' types, like DEL, TEL and DUN. Yellow for 'spawn' effects, like DYN, MET and HTG.

DEL can now delete any object as well as NPCs and creatures! (As long as said object has a collision box.) Aim very carefully!

Improved functionality of RNK, PAZ and DUN. Will no longer turn NPCs hostile when shot.

Added PEX, which is to PAZ as SPX is to SPL. Will generate a massive explosion pacifying nearby enemies. Like PAZ, does not work on some enemies.

V 1.0
Initial release with 13 functions.

Me for most everything
My little sister for the pipboy icon (@Junk_Jen on twitter)

By the way, this is the mod that adds the outfit my guy is wearing: The Courier by dasmart88 https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70952