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A recreation of Van Buren in the New Vegas engine

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The project's goal is to remake Van Buren for Fallout New Vegas. Everything from the base game will be included in this remake. We will stay faithful to the original Van Buren story as much as possible, and in the future we plan to add in a large number of customized features. As of now, the project is still a WIP.

What Is Fallout Van Buren?: Fallout Van Buren was the original sequel to Fallout 2, meant to take place during 2253, and it was going to take place in the great Midwest Commonwealth situated over four states. And you start in Tibbets prison, an unknown location. 

Q: Will the mod use vanilla New Vegas Mechanics?
A: For now, yes. But if we take permission for some mods we will merge them with ours and there will be a "enhanced version." 

Q: Will this mod be a prequel/ take place for FNV?
A: No, but we will make a patch where after you finish the game you will have an option to start New Vegas separately. 

Q: Will there be any DLC or extra content planned?
A: Yes, but they are not a priority. After/If we finish the project and fix bugs, then we will add DLC, as we already have several ideas for them, such as new weapon ideas, new locations (Los Angeles), and familiar factions. So stay tuned! 

Q: What about FNV itself? And weren't characters and factions meant to be in both games too?
A: The mod won't treat FNV as cannon. We originally were, but seeing how FNV and Van Buren have many of the same characters, factions, story and lore, we've decided that it would be best to make the story take place during 2253, and make all the future events of FNV non-canon.

Q: What's the current status is the mod in?
A: Like we said, this mod is still a work in progress (W.I.P.)

Q: How do I access the mod? I started a new game and I'm still in the Mojave.
A: Go to Goodsprings Graveyard, and go to the door there. If you run across an invisible wall after going entering the mod, type in tcl in console.

You can visit our Discord Server which is here Fallout Van Buren Remake Discord Server and The Fallout New Vegas Alliance
Credits for assets: Los Angeles by jcdenton2012, and Speedy Resources by SpeedyB64

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