Fallout New Vegas

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Hidden at 11 Sep 2021, 8:11PM by Odawgthecool for the following reason:
Well, this we'll take some explaining. First off, the project isn't dead, its still very much alive and kicking. We had to hide this mod, because game articles were confusing it for a fully fledged demo, not an announcement mod. Secondly, A real demo is bing made, but isn't on the priority list as much as it was. Were now taking our time, and focusing on making this mod quality and not "Just viod being the frontier." Project lead has also changed, and wrk is being done much better and faster. Ask Odawgthecool on the nexus, or join our discord and ask doomer, or O-dawg there.


For questions https://www.nexusmods.com/users/99710083