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Adds two M60s to the wasteland, the standard vietnam pattern and E3 configuration with attachments. M60 from Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and M60E3 from Modern Warfare Remastered.

Permissions and credits
From Vietnam to the Persian Gulf - now hoofing it around the Mojave Wasteland: The M60

*This mod is both a redux the RS2-M60-FNV mod with reworked esp, attachments, and the addition of the M60E3*

Both guns share 3 modifications with different visual effects:
Loose Belt - exchanges the belt box for a loose belt. (increase ROF)
Bipod Extended/Vertical Grip - Extends the bipod out on the M60, or adds a vertical grip to the M60E3 (increase accuracy)
Upgraded Internals/Short Barrel - A lightweight receiver for the M60, or a short barrel for the M60E3 (weight reduction)

  • The attachments are shared between the two weapons and can be removed/attached between them if you use The Weapon Mod Menu 

    This makes use of the Grunt Perk and therefore requires Honest Hearts DLC.
Both M60's and their attachments can be found in the collapsed building across from the Gun Runners shop [see screenshots]
The weapon and attachments are fully integrated in the level list and can be found on high level faction NPCs or Vendors and as usual your best bet is the Gun Runners.
Regarding Animations:
It is rigged to the vanilla Light Machinegun with Asurah Reanimation Pack and is a "soft requirement" for versions older than the current release ( you will need the bulky weapons fix to avoid on screen clipping in 1st person. Only use the fix if you have the 1st person clipping issue with older versions of asurah's animations. 
Also, the animations used may change in the future with kNVSE.

Tripwire Interactive for their permissions to use assets (with proper credit given), links below:

Infinity Ward for the M60E3 model/textures - part of Modern Warfare Remastered

M60 Texture work, Level List, various other fixes: x01x010
Cubemaps: ajhakra - converted to FNV format by x01x010
M60 Pipboy Icon: Pauderek's FO3 Modders Resource
Attachment Icons: T3T & Millenia's Resources
Sounds: Иavaяо
Screenshots: Nickheggo, Piperoffarts, x01x010, and Seekker (names in their respective screens)