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Join The Think Tank restores the cut ending to Old World Blues in which the player can join the Think Tank.

Permissions and credits
Voice Acting
Doctor Klein & The Sink Central Intelligence: Complete the Circuit
Ending Narration: G.E.C.K.

Special Thanks
Thank you to Gunther for the .dds file
Another thank you to AnaCostia Crossing for her bug-fixing help!
Aaaaand yet another thank you to the Wild Card Network for their aid!
ANOTHER THANK YOU to TU3SD4Y for being my back-up narrator!
Last thank you goes out to my team at Fallout: London for being so amazing and bearing with me every step of the way. And also for letting me take off time from writing to do this <3 In fact, you guys are so cool you may see yourselves in game ;)

Here I am, back again, releasing yet ANOTHER mod. And it's another cut content restoration mod! So, initially, Obsidian had planned to include an extra ending (and, in my opinion, the coolest ending!) for the Old World Blues DLC of Fallout: New Vegas in which the Courier could JOIN the Think Tank. Now that to me is awesome, and when I saw no one had restored this yet, I knew I had to put on my Papyrus cap and get to work.

"Join The Think Tank" adds a brand new quest, a new location, a Wild Wasteland Easter egg, a new VOICED ending, new VOICED dialogue, a new radio station (for the purposes of the quest. The frequency sound was made by me in MAGIX), and a wacky new device!

Those of you who are familiar with my previous mods know that I usually splice pre-existing dialogue lines to create new lines. Since this was such a specific storyline, I had to go the route of recruiting voice actors to voice new lines for pre-existing characters. However, I trust in the talent of my voice actor who voiced Doctor Klein and The Sink, and doubt it will break your immersion ;)

My mod only requires the Old World Blues DLC, for obvious reasons. You do not need NVSE, but of course, I recommend playing with it if you don't already. 

**In terms of requirements to get the new ending, you NEED to complete all of the Think Tank side quests (i.e. Dala's quest, 0's quest, 8's quest, Borous' quest), in order for the new quest to pop up. I didn't think it made sense for the player to be able to join the Think Tank if they didn't have a relationship with its members. In addition, you will need an Intelligence of 9 or higher, a Science skill of 100, a Repair skill of 80 or higher, and a Speech skill of 75 or higher, and a Medicine skill of 85 or higher.

Yes, I know, you have to be crazy skilled to get this ending. But I thought to myself, it shouldn't be easy to join a cabal of mad scientists. It should actually be a challenge. You would need to be just as intelligent as the Think Tank in order to be one of them. 

Installation Instructions

For Vortex: Just hit the download button! Vortex compatible ;)
Manual: Extract the zip file into the directory YourPC(C:) > Program Files(x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout New Vegas > Data

Wrappin' This Up

Thank you once again for playing my mod! It's incredibly cool for me to just randomly talk to people in the community and hear that they have my mods installed. 

I will try to be as active as possible when it comes to bug fixing and such, but bear with me on that, as real life does call. I have two jobs in a demanding industry, am in university, and juggle that with being the Head Writer of Fallout: London.