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Restores the cut dream sequence from Project Brazil.

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When Project Brazil was first released it had a rather impressive dream sequence for the time. I was disappointed that it was cut in New California.

I took a look at New California and found that all the assets and scripts for the dream sequence were still in the mod, and the script on the player's bed in their apartment in Vault 18 has a check for the Wild Wasteland perk. Because of this the sequence will now play if you have Wild Wasteland.


Fallout: New California - 2.3.1. or later


Install using your favorite mod manager, or extract the esm and place it into the data folder. Ensure you have the Wild Wasteland trait before going to bed in the prologue or the dream sequence will not trigger.

Known bugs:

- Dream NPCs use outdated Project Brazil designs  Fixed in version 1.1
- Eddie Bolero doesn't say "Awaken Vault Dweller"
- Dream sequence quest objectives are absent