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A number of patches I put together to make certain mods play nice with kazopert's Functional Post-Game Ending.

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Exactly what it says on the tin, these patches generally patch mods for consistency with kazopert's work, while also fixing a few bugs here and there.
Here's what's included so far:

A World of (Less) Pain - A Lore-Friendly AWOP Revision
  • Added the new creatures and NPCs to the correct enable parents to allow them to be disabled in the appropriate endings.

Casino Crowds
  • Linked new gamblers, prostitutes, Omertas and White Gloves to the relevant enable parents for consistency.
  • Also set the added Omerta thugs to use the same inventory as their template, for greater compatibility with mods that alter them.
  • Merged changes to Chairmen made by FPGE and CC.

Cook-Cook In His Castle
  • Rigged up Cook-Cook's new cronies and slaves to disappear in endings where the Fiends are exterminated.

Ghoulified 2.0
  • Just needed to merge a couple of dialogue changes made between this mod and FPGE.
  • Since this patch would be ridiculously tiny otherwise, I also decided to fix a few typos and incorporate YUP's fixes to the edited records. Enjoy!

Independent FOTA Fix
  • Added a script to prevent Old Mormon Fort from overflowing with patients if the player satisfies certain conditions (see mod page for details.)

JSawyer Ultimate
  • Merged changes made to some Crimson Caravan Traders by JSUE and FPGE.

Legion Quests Expanded
  • Oof, this one was a doozy, but I love this mod and FPGE too much not to try.
  • First, added a new quest with a script to disable all the newly-spawned legionaries if you do the mod's pro-Legion quests but later side against them at Hoover Dam. This does not include the Disguised Frumentarii at the Silver Rush, since they're in disguise.
  • Second, forwarded a change made by FPGE to Dead Sea's dialogue which prevents him from rewarding you for Camp Forlorn Hope's destruction if you had nothing to do with it.
  • Third, set conditions in a script to stop the Legion emergency radio quest in non-Legion victory scenarios.
  • Fourth, tweaked We are Legion script so it uses FPGE's enable parent to disable NCR troops at Forlorn Hope after the Legion takes it.
  • Finally, made sure that the NCR troops that LQE spawns for you to kill will disappear if the NCR gets booted out of the Mojave.   

Less Empty Nellis
  • Linked all added robots to BoomerToggle so that they disappear if/when the Boomers are wiped out.

Less Empty Primm
  • Linked Mitch and Mindy Garland to PrimmCitizenToggle so that they also vanish in scenarios where the inhabitants of Primm are slaughtered.
  • Connected corpses to PrimmVikkiVanceCasinoEnabler so they're cleaned up when the casino re-opens.
  • Added PrimmPowderGangerToggle to new Powder Gangers so they F off when law comes back to Primm.

Lively Gourmand and Street Vendor Stall
  • Patch for BlooperReel's mod; adding correct enable parents to things, blah blah blah
  • Mutually exclusive with Lux Aeterna patch: do not use them at the same time!

Lux Aeterna: The True Revival of Luxury
  • Gave appropriate enable parents to new White Gloves, their robots, and patrons (gamblers). 

Meat Prep Animations Restored
  • Added new meat-chopping NPCs (NCR, White Gloves, Chairmen) to appropriate enable parents to avoid discrepancies. 

Medical Clinic Expanded
  • Set the newly-added Followers and their patients to disappear if the Followers are kicked out/slaughtered after Hoover Dam. 

Mojave Raiders
  • Adds the proper enable parents to PushtheWinButton's new Powder Gangers and Fiends.

  • Resolved conflicts between MoMojave and FPGE.
  • Added proper enable parents to new NPCs, crucifixes, Khan paraphernalia, etc.
  • Fixed typos on several container names. 
  • Removed a Lucky 38 VIP keycard from a location it had no business being in.

NV Interiors Remastered
  • Added the correct enable parents to about 50 billion NPCs and related objects that this mod adds. The things I do for you people!
  • Also removed low-level processing from a dead NPC.

The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul
  • Gave Omerta Protectron a similar (you guessed it!) enable parent to his slimy gangster comrades.

Vulpes Inculta - Fully-Voiced Legion Companion
  • Disclaimer: This is the first companion mod I patch, so let me know if there's anything I screwed up/overlooked.
  • Prevented Vulpes from saying "Caesar awaits" when you're at the Fort if Caesar is no longer at the Fort.
  • Set Vulpes' doppleganger at the Lucky 38 to permanently disable if you have him as a companion after Hoover Dam.
  • Ensured that Vulpes will never spawn at Nipton or the Strip if he is currently your companion. The original author's method of doing this was hacky and interfered with other dialogue.
Wasteland Encounters
  • Take a wild guess. No seriously, guess.
  • If your guess contained the words "enable" and "parent", congratulations! You get a virtual cookie!
  • To specify, though: new Primm convicts to the PrimmPowderGangerToggle, NCRCF goons to the NCRCFPowderGangerParent, Black Mountain Mutants to the BlackMountainMutantToggle, etc. You know the drill.

(New in V1.1) Strip NPCs Uncut - Content Restoration
  • Most of the NPCs restored here were already accounted for in FPGE's scripts, but I added enable parents to a couple of demo Travelers that weren't.
And a bonus patch, not related to FPGE:

The Living Desert - Legion Quests Expanded Consistency Patch

Birds of a Feather Bear Arms Together is a module of TLD that adds energy weapons to NCR levelled lists if you secure a business agreement between the Van Graffs and NCR. The implementation, however, makes it so that even if you slaughter the Van Graffs at the warehouse and stop the deal in its tracks, the NCR still get their weapons!

That simply will not do for a committed NCR-hater like myself. So, I simply tweaked the script slightly so that it checks the stage of Birds of a feather in which you help the Van Graffs betray the Legion. But if you instead help the Legion at the warehouse, you won't have to worry any more about your enemies getting laser rifles for no reason. Hooray!

My eternal thanks and appreciation to kazopert for spending what must have been an ungodly amount of time making a satisfying endgame for New Vegas. And a big thanks also to all the other modders who pour their love and hard work into bringing Obsidian's vision to life.
As always, if you have any suggestions for other mods you'd like to see patched, or bugs to report, feel free to shoot me a message or let me know in the comments!