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Reworked climate and exterior lightning of Big Mountain, with dark nights, light sources redone (and added many more to various objects) and added occasional rain.
For those who are using weather mods that don't alter DLCs (like Western Sky).

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Western Sky is my essential weather mod for F:NV (most lore-friendly, visually compelling and quality over quantity - there is also a great patch fixing most of its issues that is less known - Western Sky Patches ), but it only covers the base game, not the DLCs. Particularly the skybox in Old World Blues always bothered me, so I tried replacing it and ended up reworking the whole Big MT area.

What this does:
- replaces the skybox texture with two new ones
- redesigns the lightning and ambience colours & makes nights realistically dark (flashlight recommended)
- reworks every exterior light source and adds many new ones to objects that didn't had any and should have had (ground lights on pavements, light beams on the Dome building, force fields, glow for radiation spills, more glowing minerals in Forbidden Zone etc...)
- adds rain script from Honest Hearts, with 30% chance of precipitation

Only affects the exteriors of Old World Blues, interiors left alone. Small FPS drops might occur on older PCs in few areas with many light sources, but other than that it should not slow down the performance. I don't use any ENB so no idea how it may work with it.

Old World Blues & Honest Hearts (for the rain to work properly).

Should work with everything, except for mods that alter weather and climate of Old World Blues.

Recommended Mods:
Flashlight by vivanto, or any other custom light mod.
Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix and Tweaks - fixes the script issue, where rain wouldn't work properly + enhance its animation and performance. 
Improved Lightning Shaders - fix for the number of lights per cell limitation, allows more lights to be present at once and fixes the shading code.
NPCs Can Miss - this is a must especially for dark nights, as without it enemies can hit you with every bullet even in pitch black.