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Forward Scout is a unique, scoped and suppressed service rifle that features modified meshes and textures. It can be found during the TTW/Fallout 3 quest 'Reilly's Rangers.'

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Howdy all. Here is the first of my new weapons for my planned D.C. Unique Weapon Pack, on which more work will be done after the release of the highly anticipated Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.

I introduce you to the 'Forward Scout;' A heavily customised pre-war service rifle that sports a medium-range scope, comfortable grip and a chunky suppressor along with a beautiful wooden stock that has been stained a midnight-blue.
The rifle once belonged to Theo, the trusted Quartermaster of 'Reilly's Rangers,' who spent a great deal of time maintaining, tinkering and modifying the weapon to suit his needs. As such, it is much more effective and reliable than the similar, but otherwise inferior West-coast rifles. Theo was known for his uncanny ability to consistently drop super mutant sentries with his first shot. However, whether that was down to him or the rifle remains yet to be said.

The rifle can be found without too much effort during the quest 'Reilly's Rangers,' which can be initiated within Underworld, a hidden city of ghouls somewhere in the ruins of D.C.

This mod ABSOLUTELY requires Tale of Two Wastelands v3.2.2, it will not work correctly without it.
Installation can be done through a mod manager such as Mod Organiser 2, or by dragging and dropping the extracted folders into your data folder.
If you don't like the default blue texture, just overwrite it with the alternate plain wood version that is included in the texture folder.
I have tested this mod to the best of my ability, and cannot find any bugs or issues besides a small UV mapping error on the scope rail, which I don't know how to fix right now. It should also be compatible with most other mods as it simply drops the gun in a specific cell. If you find any bugs, please let me know in the comments or bug report section!

This mod would have not been possible without the talented and patient RageBear, who basically did all the hard work. Massive thanks to you!
Custom rifle mesh provided by Nihilisaurus and san_nanasi, who have granted me permission to release it as part of this mod.
Thanks to Spitsphire for the general advice and for cleaning up my mod when I completely forgot to.
Awesome ENB screenshots from Clam. Cheers!