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Handheld 40mm cannon. Use with discretion.

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Old Faithful was a fun project. Inspired by the 40mm Bofors AA round from WWII. Hits like a truck and weighs about as much too. I'm planning on adding some new round types in the future so look out for that!

Old Faithful:
Chambered in 40mm
Weight 30.0
Damage: 175 + 100 Explosive Damage
Capacity: 1
STR Req: 8
Guns: 100
Bonus Limb Damage
Mods: N/A

Location: Gypsum Train Yard with 3 rounds

Due to the power of this weapon I decided to make the ammo only available through the reloading bench. Recipe above in images. I'll consider adding it to vendors in the future if I can figure out how to do so while keeping availability fairly low.