Fallout New Vegas
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A more tame finetuning of the hardcore mode's needs progression.

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Makes the hardcore rates progress moderately faster, without overtaking your playthrough entirely. Overall, it'll take more of a hardcore stat to gain detriments, but the rate at which the stats tick up is faster. I made an exception for dehydration because safe water was obnoxious to come by on my current set up.

Thesis: Vanilla hardcore rates, being somewhat slow and barely affecting gameplay.
Antithesis: Blast the hardcore rates' progression, making hardcore mode matter more, but detracting from overall gameplay.
Synthesis: Ditching all the hullabaloo, and making rates modestly more engaging, without making food and water overtake your playstyle.

  • Hunger Rate - Progresses 20% faster. (For modders: 25 -> 20)
  • Dehydration Rate - Progresses 33% slower. (For modders: 10 -> 15)
  • Sleep Deprivation Rate - Progresses 60% faster. (For modders: 50 -> 20)
  • All Rate Stage Thresholds - Detriments take twice as much to begin. (For modders: 200, 400, 600, 800 -> 400, 600, 750, 875)
  • Also adjusted the text threshold settings to mirror the rate stage threshold changes.

Please note that this was all intended for my preferred timescale of 11. Other timescales may vary in the "fun to engagement ratio."
Please also note that this was mostly intended for personal use. If you don't like my rates, see the permissions at the top.

Install & Uninstall

Install the plugin in your mod manager, or drop it in your data folder.
Uninstall by deactivating and deleting the mod in your mod manager, or deleting the plugin from your data folder.

Safe to install or uninstall at any time.


Incompatible with mods that edit the hardcore rates via script (i.e. Project Nevada).
Semi-incompatible with mods that edit hardcore rates directly (i.e. original JSawyer v5.1). You'd need to load my plugin lower.

Compatible with most other mods. When in doubt, look in xEdit for conflicts.