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Adds an outfit that closely resembles the one worn in Left 4 Dead by Bill.

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This tiny mod's a result of me trying to do a run roleplaying as the cigar smoking, ass kicking, war veteran but not finding any suitable outfits in the game or its DLCs. At that moment I said "screw it" and decided to mash the Boomer Jumpsuit and the Wasteland Doctor together to make this, plus a few texture edits.

The outfit can be found in Doc Mitchell's house at the beginning of a new run, called the Veteran's Outfit. It's on the floor behind his chair because I didn't know where else to put it.

Stats: 4 DT, 4 weight

There's two armored variants obtained through crafting, though I only made these just in case I don't wanna give up my outfit for some fancy riot gear or power armor, so they might not be really balanced or look really good.

[Workbench] Veteran's Outfit, Reinforced - Repair 65
-Veteran's Outfit
-Leather Armor
-Duct Tape
-Scrap Metal

Just the outfit with the pads of the leather armor combined together.
Stats: 8 DT, 10 weight

[Campfire] Gecko-Backed Veteran's Outfit, Reinforced - Survival 75
-Veteran's Outfit, Reinforced
-Golden Gecko Hide, Tanned
-Fire Geko Hide, Tanned
-Green Gecko Hide, Tanned [Honest Hearts]

Stats: 13 DT, 15 weight, 15% resistance to poison, rads, & fire