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Very Lite version of the awesome Enlarge Your Penis mod. Only sound feature. For users with very lite ambition.

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This is a very lite version of the great, the awesome, the huge and famous Enlarge Your Penis mod. For users with very lite ambition.
Only the sound part of the original mod, using vanilla sound.

This mod add sounds to power armor walk, run, land and sprint. Comes with a lite .ini file for basic configuration :
  • compatible with other mod's PA
  • work for player and NPCs
  • use vanilla sound only
  • sound volume can be ajusted
  • landing sound could create a player's detection event
  • sprint sounds compatibility for Just Vanilla Sprint (and Just Assorted Mods)

If you want all the features, like using your own sounds, different sounds depending of PA etc. go to the Enlarge Your Penis mod page and read the description and download it. Thanks.

And yes, it's compatible with Titans of the New West, just like the original mod.