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Adds the unused hobo code trail signs already present in the game's files to several locations in the Mojave!

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Hobo code was a hieroglyphic language utilized by vagrants in the Great Depression era 1930s as a means of informing fellows on the road of the conditions of new areas. Already present in Fallout: New Vegas' files it seems it was implied that prospectors adopted this same system of informing people of the lay of the land, yet it wasn't implemented in the game. Inspired by their use in Zion Trail, this mod now adds hobo signs to several locations in the Mojave!

Learn what the signs mean and you'll have better context to the location you're in!

This is a small mod using vanilla assets in vanilla locations, so I'd encourage you merge this mod away to save plugin space (if that's even an issue anymore with the limit fix).

I tried to make the implementation as natural as possible, signs are posted logically and consistently, I want it to look like it could have been a part of the vanilla game. Don't expect to find signs in more dangerous areas where people often do not venture, but do expect to see some warnings around or before these places (think searchlight or fiend territory) 

If you feel I've missed a location that would benefit from hobo code (and let's be reasonable, no one's taking the time to write warning messages on the wall in fiend territory while they're getting shot at by junkies) then please let me know the location and message and I'll include it in an update!