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This mod adds a new Nif-bashed rifle into the game called the LBR-01. It can be found in Freeside left of the Sliver-Rush and near Broc Flower Cave. Thanks, mc_tammer for making an awesome guide to Nif-Bashing weapons!

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The LBR-01 or Leo's Battle Rifle 1 is a Nif-bashed weapon. It has a red-dot sight and comes in 2 variants, Semi-Auto and Automatic. It uses the 5.56 ammo list and it can be repaired with the assault carbine. I have not made attachments yet, but they will come in the future. This does not require any DLC.

You can find the Automatic version near Broc Flower Cave. You can find the Semi-Auto version in Freeside.
There is also a gun crate with both versions in Camp Forlorn Hope and Cottonwood Cove, but you have to steal it from them.

This weapon is loosely based on this gun in Uncharted.


v1.0.3: - Added 2 mods to the Automatic Variant and added a new Heavy Automatic Variant that uses 308 ammo.
v1.0.2: Added 3 mods to the Semi-Auto Variant and added a new merchant at Novac to sell the guns and mods.
v1.0.1: Improved Textures for the Automatic Variant.
v1.0: Release
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Thanks, mc_tammer! I learned how to make this gun with the help of his youtube video guide.