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Patches the Salt Lake Stories mod to improve the dialogue options from a native English speaker's point of view.

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This mod patches Yossarian22's excellent Salt Lake Stories to improve the overall feel of the dialogue options available to the player.

So far I love Salt Lake Stories, but it was very apparent within five minutes of exploring the first town that the mod desperately needed a proofread mod by a native English speaker. I didn't find one when I searched, so I made one myself.

Of course, there's nothing I can do about any of the English issues with the voiced NPC dialogue without revoicing the characters—which I'm not going to do—but the worst of it really was the player dialogue options anyway.

So what did I actually do? Basically I went through all of the mod's dialogue topics I could find and anywhere the English of the player's response options felt a little janky, had an odd word choice, grammatical issues, or misspellings, I just fixed them. I tried to stay as true as possible to what I imagined Yossarian22's creative vision to be, but also took creative liberties in a couple of places. In those couple of places, I tried to make sure the liberties I took made sense within the surrounding dialogue.

Just trust me, your options will feel much better now.

Salt Lake Stories

Use MO2. Load "SLS English Fixes" directly after "Salt Lake Stories". The placement in your load order of "SLS English Fixes.esp" shouldn't matter as long as it's loaded after "SaltLakeStories.esm"

Known Bugs/Issues
There are approximately four lines of player dialogue that are still going to feel janky. That's because I couldn't find the context for them, and on my own playthrough I am barely into the first town of Salt Lake Stories so I have not come across these lines yet to get a better feel for how they could be improved and what they are actually trying to convey. 

When I do come across them in game, rest assured I will edit them to the same standard as the rest of these changes.

I am now much deeper into Salt Lake Stories, and I think I've addressed those lines I had in mind.


While I'm at it, I should mention that if while using this mod you come across any lines of dialogue that still feel janky to you, or that you otherwise think could still be changed for the better, please do let me know in the comments. Like I said, I am barely into the story of SLS so I made most of these edits without having the ingame context. I had the surrounding dialogue and I am confident they will come out fine, though.

Do whatever you want with it. If you use this ESP as a base, please credit me.

Yossarian22 for Salt Lake Stories
The FNV Edit team
The awesome GECK Extender
xNVSE and its Maintainers
Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout, etc