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This Mod Reimagines the Fallout 3 Van Buren menu, loading screen and music into Fallout New Vegas or TTW. It introduces a new main theme that was part of the Van Buren Demo as well as reimagined startup screens based off the original Van Buren loading screens.

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                                   WHY THIS MOD?

    Well for starters, Its quite a badly kept secret that Fallout New Vegas was based off the old Van Buren project. hell, even the Frontier snatched some concepts off the project. Fallout new vegas brought a lot of old concepts that were gonna be in the fo3 vb project including but not limited to, Joshua Grahmn being a companion, Caesars Legion, The NCR/Brotherhood war, Denver and so much more.
The frontier had some old concepts that ive seen brought into fruition as well including but not limited to, Legion Chariots, Working vehicles and giant robots.

                                    BUT WHY THO?
    I dont know why i made this, i guess it was a whim. ive recently been diggin through history and i thought a mod like this seemed cool if not fun. i never saw any equivalent on the nexus. maybe there are people out there that might like this mod. I like it. it screams ''look what I could've been" :) 

                           BUT WHAT IS VAN BUREN?
    Im glad you asked random modder. Fallout 3 Codename "Van Buren" was the original fallout 3 in development by Interplay and Black Isle Studios. Before the game was finished , however, Interplay went bankrupt and black isle fell with them. Bethesda Game Studios ended up buying the license and that's how we got the fallout 3 we love and/or Hate Today. if you wish to know more, click this link to see the wiki on Van Buren.

Van Buren Wiki

                                HOW TO INSTALL:

I suggest manual download but if you wish to use a mod manager of your choice by all means.

There is no other requirement than the base game of Vegas required. This mod was made for the intent of TTW Users but it will have no issues whatsoever if you don't have it.

Manual Install:


(1)unzip my file
(2)Open Fallout 3 Van Buren/Data
(3)Open Music/Special
(4)Select my mp3 file and copy it
(5)Open fallout new vegas/Data/Music/special
(6)Drop my MP3 file in there, overwrite if asked

loading screens, main title screen and Custom Logo

(1)Open Fallout 3 Van Buren/Data
(2)Open Textures/Interface
(3)Open Loading and copy all dds files
(4)open fallout new vegas/data/textures/interface/loading
(5)drop all files in overwrite if asked
(6)repeat steps 1-2
(7)open main and copy all dds files
(8)open fallout new vegas/data/textures/interface/main
(9)drop all files in overwrite if asked

Custom Shortcut icon

(1)Open Fallout 3 Van Buren/Desktop Shortcut icon
(2)copy and paste the file in your pictures category
(3)right click your prefered fallout new vegas shortcut on desktop
(4) click properties
(5) click change icon and click browse
(6) select your pictures category and select the custom icon 

you are done

Mod Manager Download:

first manually download the mod, do not unzip. go inside the zipped file and cut Desktop Shortcut Icon and paste it in downloads.
take the zipped file and drop it in whatever mod manager you use and you're done

look towards manual install section under custom shortcut icon if you want the custom icon.