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Three different plasma rifles based off of the design of the Plasma Defender!

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So I've always liked the design of the Plasma Defender but I've also always wanted a rifle version of it. I liked the way that everything was contained under a protective shell unlike the vanilla plasma weapons, even if there's a lore reason for it. So I had my friend Butchcassidy1118 make a model of a plasma rifle based off of the defender and a piece of art from Artstation.

The mod contains three different versions of the rifle, a semi-auto version like the vanilla one, an automatic version, and a beam version similar in concept to the laser detonator from Lonesome Road.

They can be found in one of the bunkers in Hidden Valley, in a crate with a holotape on top of it.

The lore behind these weapons is that they were meant to be the next generation of plasma weapons for use by the U.S. military before the bombs dropped. The three versions in Hidden Valley were sent there for final testing before they were to be adopted for use by the military. They were developed by Glock, the same company that made the Plasma Defender. Also, due to advancements in power efficiency, these weapons could use the same small energy cells that the laser and plasma pistols used as well.

We'll probably be making some updates in the future for stuff such as weapon mods and attachments hopefully.

Make sure to check out Butchcassidy1118! He's the one who made the model for me: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/17245214

We were inspired by this piece of art I found while browsing the internet: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRlwmG