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NIF-Bashed rifles that much more closely resemble the AR-15 platform. Created using only vanilla assets.

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Version 2 released.

Rare advanced pre-war rifles utilized by the military's elite forces are sparsely found throughout the postwar US, and even more so with ones that still function.

I tried to balance them whilst still making them late game viable. Hopefully I managed that.

Chambered in 12.7mm
Weight: 8.0
Damage:  46
Magazine Capacity: 10
STR Req: 6
Guns: 100
Bonus Critical Damage
Bonus Limb Damage
Mods: N/A

Location: Male dead prospector in Deathclaw Promontory.

Chambered in 5.56mm
Weight: 8.0
Damage: 28
Magazine Capacity: 20
STR Req: 5
Guns: 100
Bonus Critical Chance
Bonus Critical Damage
Mods: Holographic Sight (Laser Rifle Scope)

Location: Hidden Valley Bunker with Mini Nuke inside.

Patrolman's Carbine:
Chambered in 5.56mm
Weight: 5.0
Damage: 24
Magazine Capacity: 30
STR  Req: 4
Guns: 100
Bonus Critical Chance
Mods: Suppressor (Varmint Rifle Silencer), Holographic Sight (Laser Rifle Scope)

Location: Wrecked Highwayman