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Adds a Zeppelin player home with a view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam in a Art Deco style. An enthousiastic old timey prospecter protectron follower can be found in the small dungeon leading up to the blimp. Requires Dead Money.

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Requires Dead Money.

Rozenburg Zeppelin

The Rozenburg Zeppelin is an Art Deco styled player home with a lived in waste feel to it. Besides the master bedroom there are two smaller guest bedrooms. The robotics room is the homebase for the custom companion, and the modest office is fitted with a snow globe display. The hold contains a sorted storage system, workbench, reloadingbench and an automatic repair tool linked to the player's repair skill. In the kitchen is a usable oven to craft campfire recipes. The bathroom contains a usable mirror to alter the player's hairstyle and a My First Infirmary to fix the player's health. In the front of the ship is where the control terminal can be found, which changes the destination of the vertibird going to and from the blimp. these locations are Goodsprings, Primm, Novac, Jacobstown, the Strip, the Fort, Camp McCarran, Hoover Dam and Nellis AFB. I've minimized the numer of locations to have a simpler UI when selecting these locations on a terminal. Be aware that choosing the destintions can impact the surroundings. For example when Hoover Dam is chosen as a location, it may interfere with the quest to protect/kill President Kimbal, given it both will try to use the visitor centre landing pad. To obtain the zeppelin one has to complete a small dungeon slightly west of Forlorn Hope. In this dungeon the follower can be found. The heavily modified prospector protectron (aptly named Prospectron), is fitted with a big backpack with a lot of carry weight, a green head laser to differentiate mid battle with the generic red laser, and a wrist mounted short burst flame thrower for short range. I'm having a little trouble with his packages, so let me know if he's a bit stubborn. Inside the dungeon are several minor custom armors as well, which are just a little extra.