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You'll get three sets of crazy armors based on Little Lamplight clothes, a club made out of human flesh, an axe wrapped in a baby carriage, a unique mailbox hammer, a holdout carrot switchblade, and ability to disguise as a White Glove and, with a certain mod, as a fiend. Next time, as Mister Bean.

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Three little lamplighters went on a journey,
Escaping the mungo stench left on their pony,
Three little lamplighters didn’t want to grow up,
Three little lamplighters were mean and had no heart

One found a chainsaw and built a road house,
His stew is quite something,
Can take the whole mouth

The second felt urges,
Gathered a flock,
Locked in a basement, with cries as their stock

And third little lamplighter developed quite well,
Put on a sheriff hat and served laws of hell

Three little lamplighters that nested in dread,
Beseech that their lamplight won’t shine on your head



So I decided to distract myself today from working on my War Horde mod and do something simple, but with a cherry. No long description, you probably already read the short one and saw the screenshots. The only clarification to add is that it comes with two plugins, one for vanilla game called simply BabyAndGente, the other's name BabyAndGenteMakeFiends, requires Take Chems Make Fiends and allows you, besides everything else, to use the Big Baby armour to dwell amongst fiends uncharted. Vanilla version lacks only that option, everything else including disguise as a White Glove when wearing Gentleman's set, is in there. YOU SHOULD HAVE ONLY ONE ACTIVE PLUGIN AT A TIME. Just saying.

BIG UPDATE FOR BIG RASCALS: To Gentleman and Big Baby I've now added the third: Power Jamas Rodent. Just like previous ones, it uses Little Lamplight's Peter Pan-like themes and brings it into grownup craziness. If you use the MakeFiends version it's a Fiend disguise. Since it has a deathclaw paw as part of the outfit, the outfit gives you a plus to unarmed combat. Which is strange because you have arms, even three now with deathclaw's one. Actually every outfit and weapon in this mod comes wih some kind of special bonuses/ attacks, I'm simply too lazy to list them.

I've also addded two new weapons: Spam! a supersleddge with the mailbox attached to it, and El Carroto, a switchy carrot blade that is deadly and is as a holdout weapon. Also corrected several armor clipping issues (TOOK ME A MINUTE ;O; INSHALLAH).  

To get the new items, you can either unplug the plugin, make a save without it and plug the new version in to auto-get them, or you can make things interesting and instead try gathering all the ingredients to craft them at the workbench. There's one recipe for all update's items that can be a pain to collect, Little Enclavic Lamplighting Raider Starter Pack. If you collect 5 tin cans, one set of T-45, one super sledge, one switchblade and one carrot, you can craft it and get all the items at once. 

And Spam! comes with Inverse/Reverse feature as in: you can recraft it so that either the front or the back of the mailbox is facing the enemy skull. I couldn't decide wether I like watching the big "mailbox" when wielding the weapon, or if I want that to be the last thing my enemies see so I left both options in. You can change it as many times as you like while you have the current version of Spam! and a spoon. Why a spoon? 

Want more? There'll be War Horde yet in the meantime,  I'll give you MORE

Special Thanks To:

hectrol for mailbox retexture used to give Spam's mailbox a unique appearance.

DcCharge for his upscaled HD pack that was used to give El Carroto the I dunno, more upscale appearance! Honestly it's not that noticeable but I just wanna.

Power Jamas helmet is all me, and well, Obsidian, but for outfit itself I used not one, TWO tribal power armors' bits and pieces, some from LORD DARIUS13 and the other from SGTbayk47. Those outfits are cool even without Dr Frankensteins like me, check them out. 

And remember,
Take cares.