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Changes the Powder Gangers outfits to look a little bit better.

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Have you ever wanted to be a stylish convicted felon in a post apocalyptic wasteland? If yes then you need help buddy. But hey, i'm not here to judge. That's why this mods got you covered. 

What does the mod do?:
Good question, what it does is changes the outfits worn by the powder gangers to look something more like modern day prison jumpsuits, but with a little extra on top. The idea behind this mod was to make the powder gangers actually look like escaped convicts, with armor cobbled together from the former guards and whatever they found while out in the wastes. The inspiration behind them came from the Division, from the faction known as the ''Rikers''. Another group of escaped convicts with stolen Police gear.

The mod replaces all four vanilla Powder Gang outfits and distributes them (mostly...) across the faction.  Unfortunately these outfits are male only and I do not plan on making a female version at this time.

What outfits are included in the mod?:
The outfits included are:

  • Powder Ganger Guard Armor: The standard NCRCF jumpsuit worn with a correctional officers vest and belt
  • Powder Gang Riot Armor: Again, the standard jumpsuit but worn with armor meant to quell unrest in the Prison. 
  • Powder Ganger Rusher: An outfit fit for a psycho. Normal jumpsuit worn with scavenged clothing and equipment from the unfortunate travelers who came across our dear friends at the correctional facility.
  • Powder Ganger Simple: A simple t-shirt and jumpsuit combo. Great for those who prefer to sling their dynamite than getting up close and personal.

Pretty straight forward, just install using your mod manger of choice. Only thing to note is that if your using any mods that change NPCs faces (i.e. Fallout Character Overhaul) then make sure to put this mod BEFORE it in your load order. 

What's next?:
What? You want more? Christ.... Just kidding, I've got a few things planned for this mod;
  • Headgear 
  • Marsksman Outfit
  • Major NPC outfits (Their already in the files but for some reason refuse to transfer to the NPCs in question)


  • dragbody's NCR Overhaul: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/52721
  • Lonesome Road


  • dragbody (NCR assets)
  • thatguy10 (Cowboy holster)
  • Iiamnirvana (Jumpsuit texture)
Hope you all like the mod and please feel free to change anything in the mod to your liking and use any of the assets used (just remember to credit the above people for their stuff).