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Hwiccian and friendlynonmurderingsort

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Adds some much needed music to the worldspace of the amazing Zion Trail mod

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Zion trail
is undoubtably one of the best and most-overlooked mods for Fallout: New Vegas, however the mod was missing one thing, music! This led to the otherwise spectacularly crafted worldspace feeling more empty than it needed to.

Well worry no more! Using a combination of Mark Morgan's fallout 1 and 2 soundtrack and creative commons music by SurfSolar and Bensound I've added fitting music to many of the locations and interiors of this amazing mod! All done with Hwiccian's permission and using creative commons music.

How to Install
-Install with mod manager of your choice and allow ZionTrail-NV.esp to override the currently installed version.
-If for some reason the music is not showing up the esp probably wasn't overwritten (it did this for me when testing it), NO WORRIES! just manually install the mod and allow the new ZionTrail-NV.esp to overwrite the old, I've tested and this works!

Credit to these amazing artists whose music I used. All music was either already present in-game or available under creative commons

Mark Morgan - Original Fallout 1 and 2 soundtrack, already present in game's files and free to use for fallout mods
SurfSolar/Frank Schimski - Creator of Mark Morgan inspired fallout-esque music, in this post on NMA he allowed all his music to be used in fallout mods under creative commons
Bensound - royalty free music creator