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Trying to do a hardcore playthrough and miss how Project Nevada handles food/drink items and sources but don't want to install it? Confused as to why drinking water at a post-apocalyptic sink heals your wounds? Boy have I got something for you...

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I was searching all over the damn place for a mod that would make environmental water sources (sinks, ponds, reservoirs, water pumps, etc.) not heal the player. But it just didn't seem to exist. It felt really out of place to be using Food Items Do Not Heal but still have magical healing sinks and ponds all around me.

So I just made it myself. My suffering is over. It was easy, really. I wish I just looked into using fnvedit for this kind of thing sooner rather than searching everywhere for like an hour or something.

Of course, I'll probably just end up editing the esp in´╗┐ Food Items Do Not Heal to share the same properties, but for people who don't know how to do that, or just want this for whatever reason, here you go.