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Ever wanted to blow someone up with an RC plane?

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This mod adds in a new weapon called Lil' Bomber. Lil' Bomber is a specialized Fat Man that has the ability to launch modified RC bomber planes, these will fly forward in a relatively straight line and carpet bomb the area in front of them.

  • Obtaining

Lil' Bomber can be found in the Nellis Workshop right next to Loyal's house. In there you will also find a crafting recipe for more RC bombers, along with one free RC bomber, however you will have to steal it. Once learned, you can craft more RC bombers with the following components:

1x Tiny Tots shell
1x Sensor Module
2x Scrap Electronics
3x Scrap Metals

And finally, here is a video showing it off:


Gun Runners' Arsenal

Mimaah - For making the custom Pip-Boy icons.
Weijiesen - For helping with model animations and SFX.