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Upgrades Securitron textures and model. Unique textures for Old World Blues securitrons.

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Changes all securitrons to have cleaner appearence with better details.

Different color options available and also the custom army version.

- Six different versions to choose your securitrons.
- Upscaled 4096x4096 textures from original and edited.
- Adds Environment mapping with cubemaps to achieve shiny surface.
- Custom white as a cup texture for Muggy.
- Army texture for Old World Blues securitrons.

Version 1.4 Added changes to actor effects and some flags that YUP added to securitrons to fix things.
Version 1.3 New H&H Tools Company plate and removed the Nuka-cola shine from shoulders.
Version 1.2 Included new unique texture for Muggy and army texture for Old world blues DLC securitrons.

Textures have been edited from Charges 4x upgraded textures:

I always wanted to make the securitrons look like a painted car and now they do.

Really nicely made color versions of securitron screens:
Reason why the screens are colored in some of the images.