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Adds multiple new NPCs and creatures across the Wasteland, filling in some of the game's emptier spots.

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Much as I love New Vegas, there are definitely parts that aren't as fleshed out as they could be, or lacking in variety. Whether due to cut content, time restraints, or just no plans to do anything about it, some areas are weaker than others, especially when it comes to challenge and variety of enemies. I've tried mods in the past that add more creatures or things to fight, but I've found they often make completely unnecessary changes, go overboard in how much they add, or are abandoned by their devs.

I've aimed to make a mod to fill the Wasteland with some more variety while remaining lightweight and as unintrusive as possible, blending with the vanilla gameworld seamlessly. With very few vanilla records modified and no dirty edits left over, hopefully this'll be one of the cleanest types of "adds more enemies" mods out there. I plan on expanding this further as I get more familiar with the GECK. The goal isn't just to flood the map with NPCs, but to make things both more varied and challenging in certain areas, using both vanilla NPCs and some brand new ones, all while staying lore-friendly and true to each location. Additionally, I've added a little more scenery to a few places, along with some notes and extra loot to find.

Any fixes from YUP that apply to things I've changed have been carried over.

For 1.5, I've remade the mod from scratch. Mostly, I cut out some stuff I felt was unnecessary and cleaned up the record layout for better content additions later on.

So far, the new content is:

NCRCF: Fitting the name of "biggest, baddest fort in the Wasteland", there's more Powder Gangers here now, 22 new ones divided between the yard and three of the buildings. Eddie's bodyguards also have some slight changes, with unique names for the three of them and very slightly altered stats. There's also some new scenery and loot to be found.

Black Mountain: If this is a Super Mutant stronghold so heavily defended that even the NCR doesn't have the resources to spare for an assault, why's it only guarded by barely a dozen Mutants? This adds considerably more Super Mutant and/or Centaur spawns across Black Mountain. With them are also two new enemies - Failed FEV Subjects, the most degenerated and unfortunate of their kind, and a Super Mutant Behemoth (non-respawning) that guards the mountain road. There's 35 new enemies in total on top of what's already there; if that sounds like overkill, I've spread them out over Black Mountain's half a dozen or so cells, so while you'll notice a difference, it's not like you'll get swarmed all at once. If you go to Black Mountain solo or at a low level, you're really gonna want to heed Neil's warning. Like the vanilla Mutants there, the new ones respawn, and solving Tabitha's quest peacefully will also turn all of them neutral to you.

REPCONN Test Site: Hard to think Novac's worried about being overrun by 10 Feral Ghouls. This adds a lot of new Ferals here, along with two new enemies - Feral Ghoul Technicians (the Feral Ghoul Jumpsuit enemy from the base game, fixed and implemented) and Hulking Feral Ghouls. There's 39 new Ferals (non-respawning) here now. There's also some pretty good loot to be found if you're willing to explore, as well as two lore notes.

Fiend Territory: Though a lot of mods add stuff here, in vanilla it's pretty barren. You're told that an army of Fiends is infesting Outer Vegas, but there's barely a dozen spread out incredibly thin. I've added 27 new Fiends across the area, spread out to keep anywhere from being crowded or too difficult (the whole space considered "Fiend Territory" is at least six large cells and probably more), along with some new scenery fitting their gruesome nature. There's also some decent early-midgame loot to be found. Using this myself with Mojave Raiders, TLD Travelers, and Uncut Wasteland, there's definitely a lot of enemies here now, intense but still not crowded or annoyingly hard to fight through.

Crazed Chem Addicts: Despite having its own faction and multiple variant NPC records, the Crazed Chem Addict only appears once in a single place in the game that I know of, the El Rey Motel, and he doesn't respawn. My guess is these guys were planned to have a bigger role at some point, but it's long since been cut. For now I've added a new NPC, the Crazed Chem Dealer, and I'll be expanding on the "faction" later on.

Novac: Added a few ruined homes along the empty stretch of road between Novac and Helios One. I'm surprised nothing was ever planned to be through here besides Old Lady Gibson. No enemies or NPCs, just worldbuilding and some loot to find. I've never found a mod that adds anything around here, so there should be no incompatibilities.

Primm: It's weird that the Convicts here are somehow holding off both the NCR and keeping the townsfolk trapped when they're totally outnumbered by them. I've added more Convicts to Primm and the Bison Steve, enough to make them more of a reasonable threat but not overstepping the "small group in town" descriptor Hayes gives them. I've added 16 Convicts outside Primm, spread out thin across the town, and a total of 11 Convicts between the Bison Steve's two floors. Additionally, I gave the Escaped Convict Leader a unique name and slightly buffed him, as he was as weak as the standard Escaped Convicts.

Boulder City: Always felt like this place could use some more love. Added a few ruined homes to the area, as well as an abandoned bar/diner/bait shop maybe. The navmesh here isn't changed, but I've only put stuff in areas NPCs don't spawn in/around. I've kept my additions here minor and unintrusive.

Goodsprings: One ruined home on the road from the gas station.


  • Vulpes Inculta, despite being the leader of the Frumentarii and probably the Legion's best tactician in the Mojave, is significantly weaker than other NPCs of comparable rank and importance. Since YUP now sets his speed to 130, I upped his health from 40 to 90 and increased his minimum level. Fittingly, he should make for a significantly harder fight if you attack him in Nipton now. This is now an optional file.
  • A small Super Mutant raiding camp near the far-north boundary of the map, close to the radioactive roadblock. There's three mutants or potentially two mutants and a centaur here. Should be compatible with anything that adds stuff to this area, IE Zion Trail.

I'll be adding more to this in the future, and suggestions are welcome, and I'll also be making a plugin that reverts my handful of changes to vanilla NPCs - so far just the Escaped Convict Leader, with minor stat changes for Vulpes and three Powder Ganger Bodyguards.

Known Issues:
Only one I can think of. Some of the new creature spawns (Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants) use vanilla leveled creature references, and those are marked as "Temporary" in the GECK. This means that they might fail to spawn in if you reload a save multiple times. I've never had this happen with my mod so far, but it's something I've seen in the past. This is a vanilla problem, but if it happens, restarting the game fixes it.

As far as difficulty goes, I've gone through these areas and didn't have too much more trouble on Very Hard. It's more difficult than before, but I've tried to keep things sane. As far as performance goes, it'll vary based on your specs. Plugin is error-free and has no ITMs, deleted refs, scripts, or navmesh/landscape changes.

For compatibility's sake, and because I have no idea how to do them right, I've not changed or added any navmeshes. I've tried to keep the new scenery I've added as out-of-the-way as possible in places NPCs rarely if ever go. There might be some pathfinding issues with companions, but these'll usually fix themselves quickly. If you wanna make and upload navmeshes of your own for this, feel free to!

Nothing I know of makes changes to these exact same areas. Very few vanilla records are modified at all and nothing else in these areas is touched. I've only added new NPCs or modified existing ones, so this should technically be compatible with everything, though if you use similar mods you might have performance issues or find areas to be overcrowded.

Major Settlement And Mojave Population Overhaul (by claw88) adds a very large number of mutants to Black Mountain and may cause out-of-memory crashes.

Any mods that make post-game ending changes (like FPGE by kazopert) will most likely be (softly) incompatible. This mod and that mod will still work, and there shouldn't be that big of a difference - I don't think FPGE does much to the areas I've modified. That said, be warned that it could be inconsistent in a few places, IE if FPGE clears Black Mountain of vanilla mutants, mine will still spawn.

FPGE Compatibility Patch

Thanks ryanmar!

Compatible Mods/Recommendations:
Super Mutant Overhaulord - miguick - Great mod that makes Super Mutants much more of a challenge. Highly recommended. Keep in mind that when used with my mod this makes Black Mountain extremely hard if you run in alone and guns blazing.
AWOP Revised - Qolore7 - Completely compatible and highly recommended.
Uncut Wasteland - sandbox6 - Completely compatible and highly recommended.
Mojave Wildlife - PushTheWinButton - Completely compatible and highly recommended.
The Living Desert - ELPascal - Completely compatible and highly recommended.
Enhanced Landscapes or Landscape Overhaul - Both are completely compatible as far as I can tell. I use both.
Primm South Uncut - by LudonarrativeDissonance - Completely compatible and recommended if you don't use Qolore's Landscapes.

Deadly Ghouls - by me - Makes ghouls much more of a threat. Obviously, the test site's gonna be considerably harder with this.

MoreMojave - Cheeshole - Completely compatible, though I recommend waiting for its next update.
Outside Bets - by moburma80 - Completely compatible. Make sure to use YUP's patch for it.
Pre-release Restored - by Umbersona - Compatible, but there'll be some minor object clipping at Helios One.
Less Empty Primm - by biohazard19x - Completely compatible, though you might have some performance drops in Primm. Note this mod also adds some Escaped Convicts to the town as well, so it may feel a little crowded initially.

Pickaxe weapon - Moraelin
Fixed Behemoth textures (edited) - Koldorn and l0l28
Working FEV Subject meshes + variants - Kenny094
Feral Ghoul Resource Pack - BeachBummer