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An assortment of tweaks and bug fixes to the various weapons found in Fallout: The Frontier. A personal project of mine that I decided to publish here on the Nexus for anyone interested.

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Update 1/31/2021: I am pleased to report that Project Lead Tgspy has contacted me, and is planning to integrate this mod into the official Frontier build. Rest assured, I will continue to host the mod here for anyone still using the older release build, and will publish any potential future updates here as well.

Update 2/9/2021: I've given ZHunter permission to integrate this mod into Fallout The Frontier Unofficial Patch.

About: Frontier Weapon Tweaks and Fixes is my personal modification to the aforementioned Fallout: The Frontier. As the name implies, the goal of this mod is to address as many bugs and inconsistencies with the mod's weapons that I could find. The changes I've made are rather varied, ranging from simple item renaming to altered meshes and animated nodes. I'm not one for writing descriptions, so if you want to know exactly what this mod does, then take a gander:


Compatibility and Usage: Please be aware that this mod was made for the original release build of the Frontier. I cannot guarantee complete compatibility if you attempt to use this mod with the newer build. When in doubt, use FNVEdit to check for any potential conflicts.

Considering that most original-release users are likely using the unofficial patch, I feel that I should make this clear: you should not install this mod if you are already running the Unofficial Frontier patch, as this mod is already included. This page now primarily serves to host any updates to this mod, allow users to show support with an endorsement, and for posterity's sake.

The meshes contained in this mod will obviously conflict with anything that overwrites them. I encourage anyone using animation mods such as hitman's Anniversary Anim Pack to use Sniff to patch these files. Alternatively, clayvn was kind enough to host a patch for this mod, which you can find here.