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This mod provides a revamped user interface with a range of customization options. Things that are covered in this mod are HUD elements, icons, logos, menus, and loading screens.

Permissions and credits
If like this mod or any of the other mods listed below be sure to endorse. Endorsements can help users find mods that the community has found useful and/or enjoyable.

What is ECUIP?

ECUIP is a mod that forever will be a work-in-progress. This is because it will see continuous changes and/or additions. ECUIP has a lot to offer. It aims to revamp the user interface, while providing a range of customization options.

What is compatible with ECUIP?

I am glad whenever I am given the opportunity to put together patches for this project. I wish for this project to have as much compatibility as possible. Please click on the links listed if you have not downloaded these mods already.

Darn UI has a compatibility patch available.
JAM is compatible by default. However, there is a texture patch available.
JIP Selective-Fire is compatible by default. However, there is a texture patch available.
MCM is compatible by default. This was made possible thanks to the help of Axonis.
oHUD has a compatibility patch available.
is compatible by default. However, there is a texture patch available.
VUI+ has a compatibility patch available.

What is incompatible with ECUIP? 

I would like all mods the be compatible with this project, but not all mods will be for various reasons. However, I recommend them to be downloaded and used separately. They are great mods to use. That is why I posted links to them.

IFO4HUD 3.0 is incompatible.
MTUI is incompatible.

What do you recommend with ECUIP?

While I think any of the previously mentioned mods should be used, I will mention mods that everyone should have in a basic setup. The following mods are:


Every author here has a link listed. I listed these links, because I want to encourage anyone who has not downloaded their content to do so. They have excellent content, and they helped make this project possible. There could possibly be more authors listed here in the future. This a project that is intended to go through continuous changes. So, please continue to read through the credits.

Give thanks to Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment for creating Fallout: New Vegas content.
Give thanks to AngryKarakuri for creating Alex's Fallout New Vegas ENB Preset.
Give thanks to Aramandur for letting me use crosshairs from Crosshair Ultimate Project - CUP.
Give thanks to Axonis for helping me out with this project and letting me put together compatibility patches for MCM and VUI+. I have learned a lot things thanks to this amazing author.
Give thanks to Boris for creating ENB.
Give thanks to cerebii for letting me use logos from Main Menu Logo - Fallout 4 Style - FNV - TTW - FO3.
Give thanks to Darn for creating Darn UI.
Give thanks to Gopher for letting me put together compatibility patches for oHUD.
Give thanks to ItsMeJesusHChrist for letting me use icons from Consistent Pip-Boy Icons and Vault Boy Template Files - Modders Resource.
Give thanks to jazzisparis for letting me put together a texture patch for JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating and JIP Selective-Fire.
Give thanks to Pelinor for creating MCM.
Give thanks to Wenderer for creating the FOMOD Creation Tool.
Give thanks to Yvileapsis for letting me put together a texture patch for JAM.