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Adds a new Enclave questline to The Frontier, with a single mission that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. I made this in less than a day, without any questing knowledge. expect bugs

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The Enclave has settled in the Hosford Medical Centre and are looking for new recruits to combat degeneracy in Portland. Features one new quest, where you have to kill General Blackthorne and conquer The Frontier.

You will be rewarded Power Armor training, and a set of Cryogenic Power Armor during the quest.

To join The Enclave  you will need to pass a speech check of 50 Guns or 50 Speech.


I was bored.

It's very terrible, specially the speech checks (My apologies)


This mod was made in less than a day, expect it to be bugged as hell, and I probably won't patch it as I will focus on my main secret mod project for The Frontier.

The mod alters heavily the Hosford Abernathy Medical Centre, and will most likely lock you out of some Crusaders quests.