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A modern alternative to Populated Casinos. Realistic casino populations with an emphasis on minimal amounts of new NPCs, plus better performance and stability.

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"There's not as many people playing at Gomorrah, so that means I've got better odds of winning big. I got this figured out."
Little Buster, 2239-2281

Populated Casinos is a good idea on paper, but it has several issues; multiple dirty edits and a general lack of polish leading to a lot of performance drops and general game stability problems. It also just adds far too many NPCs in general.

Casino Crowds is designed as a modern - and hopefully lightweight - alternative. Double the amount of npcs compared to vanilla, but not nearly to the ludicrous numbers of npcs added in Populated Casinos. 


- Increased NPC population in all 3 Casinos:
80+ across Gomorrah 
55+ across The Tops
15+ in The Ultra-Luxe 
- Designed for maximum compatibility with other mods!
- Lively new NPCs with varied (and some previously unused) animations!
- Minor adjustments to existing NPC packages and positions to feel more polished. 


 - This mod has been personally tested on max settings with vanilla textures and no ENB. I can't speak for potential performance drops when used alongside texture mods/ENB but testing on other machines has reported mostly smooth framerates. Thanks to TheHermit, ElPascal, DanteFettman and Smiss for testing! 

- Fully compatible with all languages!
- NPCs are clustered with some degree of awareness for both performance and general context. There aren't massive crowds of gamblers tied to every slot machine and seat in the cell, but there'll still be a significant number. 

- Gomorrah canonically has fewer gamblers playing the games, so their casino floor isn't nearly as populated as their other attractions.  

- NPC additions to the Ultra-Luxe have only been made to the Casino Floor; all other cells have had their populations untouched. The expensive atmosphere keeps the riff-raff out. 

- This mod does NOT add NPCs to the Vikki And Vance or the Atomic Wrangler. 

  - Load this mod under mods such as Uncut Wasteland or other content restoration mods that restore disabled gambler npcs for full compatibility; I've kept many of those npcs disabled so I can use my own npcs in their place. 

- Most new NPCs are Gamblers, with some exceptions; several new generic prostitutes and Omertas have been added. One new dealer has also been added to The Tops to fill an empty table. 

 - Compatible with Depths Of Depravity, which uses one of the tables in Tops Restaurant for its quest NPCs. 
- Reccomended to use alongside Prerelease Restored, which restores several cut dancers to Gomorrah. 

- Gamblers in different casinos use different animations! Gamblers in Gomorrah act loud and excitable, Ultra-Luxe gamblers are more reserved and somewhat nervous. Also restores several unused animations! 

- Edits have been made to the AI packages used by generic Chairmen to allow them to idle more realistically, as opposed to wandering like headless chickens.

- Not compatible with Populated Casinos.  

- A separate addon for more unique random encounters within the casino (In the style of the ones on The Strip) will be made at some point in the future! Feel free to send me suggestions for potential scenarios.