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A new player home with tons of custom content and a short adventure for accessing the home.

Permissions and credits
Have you ever been playing New Vegas and thought to yourself: "This game could really use a treehouse." Me either, but I made one anyway! Located in Goodsprings, this treehouse comes fully equipped with all the interactive objects, unique trinkets, and amenities that a player could need. But getting to it isn't as simple as finding it. First, you have to build a ladder to access it. Near the treehouse is a note detailing all the things you will need to make this ladder and where they can be found. I don't want to give away too much, because that would make downloading the mod pointless. Below is a small list of features that is not even close to comprehensive.


  • A new, fully-furnished player home
  • A short unmarked quest allowing access to the home
  • Over 40 new Pip-Boy Icons
  • Dozens of new models and textures
  • Several new sound effects
  • All kinds of interactive objects
  • A sarcastic Magic 8-Ball
  • 3 new Nifskope Weapons
  • 4 new pieces of apparel
  • 22 new food items
  • 22 new drink items
  • A pigeon
  • A singing fish (seriously)
  • and much more

Requirements and Installation/Uninstallation

No DLCs are required for this mod. The only thing that is required is ArchiveInvalidation. And that's is something you should seriously be using anyway. To install manually, place the BSA and esp in your Data folder and enable the esp in your mod loader. To uninstall manually, just remove the BSA and esp.

Addressing Potential Concerns

  • "Why is the download so big? I'm not downloading this!"

This mod features a lot of modder's resources and custom assets. In hindsight, I got pretty carried away with them. But I was going for a certain look and feel that could only be captured through the use of these assets

  • "I'm having trouble finding one or more of the parts required for building the ladder."

I tried my best to articulate the parts' locations in the in-game note, but everyone makes mistakes. Luckily for you, I've included a .PDF guide in the downloads section that details each parts' specific location along with screenshots for the reading-impaired.

  • "This isn't lore-friendly. I can't even fathom playing it!"

I'm not much of a lore-friendly guy. If I wanted a lore-friendly experience, I would play the game without mods. And -- as mentioned previously -- I was going for a certain look and feel that required some assets that most would probably consider not lore-friendly. Sorry if it breaks your immersion, but in the end, it's just a game.

  • "What's with the glare in the screenshots?"

That has to do with how the game engine processes light. The treehouse isn't technically an interior structure, it just simulates one. As a result, the "inside" of the treehouse is subject to the lighting present at whatever time of day the player happens to be in it. I tried like hell to fix this problem, but ultimately it detracted from the feel I was going for, and I had to settle for what you see in the screenshots. I'm sure this could be remedied by a weather mod or ENB, but I didn't use any while making this mod, to avoid conflicts or errors.

  • "I have another complaint/comment/concern that wasn't answered."

Post a comment or drop me a line on the forums. I'll do my best to answer any questions and help as best as I can. 

(the boring stuff)

As previously stated, this mod relies heavily upon modder's resources and custom assets. Some of them have been made by me, others have been made by other users. A complete list of assets used and their creators can be found in the "Permissions and credits" tab. An abridged version can be found hereinafter. I CANNOT give permission for the use of assets made by OTHER USERS. Should you like their work or want to use it for your own project, please visit their respective pages and download the asset from them. Please do not use my page/mod as a storeroom or warehouse for downloading the works of others. I CAN give permission for the use of any assets CREATED BY ME. A full list of things created by me, and their specific permissions, can be found in the "Permissions and credits tab." Should you use anything made by me, I ask that you give me proper credit. Should you feel so inclined, shoot me a message and let me know you're using my assets. This isn't necessary, but I enjoy looking at the creative works of others. Finally, this mod is presented "as is." I hold no responsibility for any errors, conflicts, or problems that might occur from the use of this mod. The contents of this mod, however,  have been thoroughly play-tested and reviewed, so the possibility of error is almost nonexistent.