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replaces all dead crops with their healthy pickable counterparts

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Crops alive is a very basic mod i threw together within the last 20 minutes.
i'm playing a survival based RNK nationalpark Ranger. to make survival in general less of a grind,
to make the geko baked armors easier accesible in early game since they are nice but redundant in mid - end game
and to make the mojave feel a little more alive i replaced all dead crops with their healthy and pickable counterparts. no more jumping over the whole map to get some horsenettle. finally a good solution to farm healing powder and abandon stimpacks ;) . makes survival in early game ofcourse more easy due to the bigger amounts of pickable fruits availeble. i do not really care if people consider this mod lore friendly. never forced myself to the lore when modding. even tho pictures / videos and research from atom bomb tests in the pacific and the chernobyl reactors accident clearly show a different picture then most of us might imagined. ;)

i however have not edited DLC areas and i have not replaced glowing mushrooms in the caves with their pickable counterparts from the honest hearts dlc (if i remember correctly) since that would take alot more time then i wanted to spend on such a simple personal mod. maybe in the future but no promises.

WFO / vurts improved plants and groundcover overhaul / a wasteland in bloom are recommended but not required

however i wish you all a crash free day and alot of fun with my mod.