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Adds an interesting quest involving a tribal cult in a new worldspace, a cowboyrobot in a dusty basement, a traveling one armed ghoul and a mountain stronghold near Four Winds. Requires Honest Hearts and GRA.

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West of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park lies Autumn Canyon, a new location with a traveling band of drifters. The one armed ghoul there has quest for you regarding your life before Goodsprings. Not to worry, the information given throughout this mod is vague enough to fit any player style. This quest will lead you to Freeside, Zion and Four Winds Mountain, with a sublocation of Xanadu. Xanadu is an everglooming urban location where it always seems to rain, and where the zealous inhabitants are less than hospitable. The rewards for this quest is a mountainous player home filled with all the necessities such as a work bench, reloading bench, repairbench, working mirror, first aid kit, craftable oven, interactive garden and a player owned bed. Along the way are also several unique weapons and armor. This mod is largely navmeshed, so bringing companions shouldn't be a problem.

Known Bugs

- The gate to the player home can sometimes turn invisible if the object fade settings are set to low.
- Sometimes the cowboyrobot won't spawn. Reloading a save or restarting the game should fix this.